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Cognitive theories emphasize

conscious thought

The transition from adolescence to adulthood has been referred to by Jeffrey Arnett as

emerging adulthood

Corey is participating in research. She is given an electronic pager, and a researcher "beeps" her several times a day to ask her what she is doing. The researcher is using which of the following methods?

experience sampling

Which of the following is a drawback to conducting observational research in a laboratory?

People who are willing to come to a laboratory might not be representative of the general population.

Measuring the levels of hormones in an adolescent's blood stream is an example of which type of measure of adolescent development?


Bronfenbrenner developed ______, a perspective that is receiving increased attention.

ecological theory

The "storm and stress" view of adolescence was postulated by

G. Stanley Hall

The term "adolescent generalization gap" refers to:

generalizations based on information about a limited group of adolescents.

Ann Masten and her colleagues found that emerging adults who overcame adversity and went on to become competent adults had all of the following characteristics EXCEPT

they were well-traveled.

Psychoanalytic theories emphasize that development is all of the following EXCEPT

primarily related to observable behavior.

Which of the following statements about using surveys to collect data is TRUE?

People answer in ways that they see as socially desirable.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead concluded that the basic nature of adolescence is