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How should information of a controversial or sensitive nature be relayed to Firecom?

Mobile phone, landline or fax

What are the alpha identifiers for ladder platform and telescopic aerial platform (tap)?

Ladder - 6xxIndia Tap - 6xxJuliet

what types of rescue vehicles are a kilo, a lima and a mike?

Kilo- emergency tender; Lima- Technical Rescue; Mike- command and rescue.

In terms of Hazmat what units are the Oscar; Papa; Quebec; and Sierra?

Oscar BA and Hazmat Response Unit; Papa BA support unit; Quebec Hazmat support unit; and Sierra BA and Hazmat Support Unit

What does code 1 mean?

Arrived at scene nothing in evidence, investigating further.

What does code 2 mean?

Arrived at scene incident in evidence.

You should give a brief description of the incident with your code 2....true or false? Guve example for a car accident, house fire and a hazmat incident.

True. Any answer you give as an example is fine. For example....Code 2 Cunningham highway 3 vehicle RTC.

Code 2, 43 Brown street, House fire, smoke issuing/partially involved/ well involved.

Code 2 Queens Park, Chemical Spill.

What does code 4 mean?

Leaving incident, available for turnout, returning to station.

What does code 5 mean?

Returned to home station.

What does code 6 mean?

Malucious false alarm, area has been checked, no signs of fire or reported incident, notify police, returning to station, available fir turnout.

What does code 7 mean?

Unit is returning to station not available for turnout...give reason why.

What does code 8 mean?

Arrived at incident checking with OIC

What does code 9 Alpha 1 Charlie 1 mean?

Two casualty 1 alive 1 deceased.

What does code11 mean?

Justifable alarm, Returning to station available for turnout.

What does code 12 mean?

Avoidable false alarm, Returning to station available for turnout.

What does code 20 mean and what should be included in message?

High rise procedure in use and a message should include why its being used ie investigation / life rescue/ fire fighting purposes. Should include what action is being taken

What does code 30 mean?

Proceed road speed without lights or sirens

What does code 40 mean?

Appliance to whom message is directed is no longer required at incident.

What does code 99 mean? Guve examples of types of incidents.

A major critical incident is occuring first attending crews initially overwhelmed by complexity of incident. I.e. building collapse, commercial plane crash, major high rise fire.

What does Code red mean?

Its an interruption device abd indicates a mobile unit or firecom had a critical message and requires clear access to the network. All other units are to cease transmissions.

Who lifts or removes the code red/radio silence?

Only firecom

Who's responsibility is it to put an arrival message in?

OIC / Incident Controller of first arriving appliance.

What should primary word back include?

All know descriptors of the incident i.e. for structure fire HAULETO or for location of RTC, number of vehicles, occupants involved, entraped, free of vehicle etc or for Hazmat location, number of casualties, size if spill/ container etc

List the three modes of operation used in word back to firecom?

Offensive Defensive and Marginal

When should the IC incident action plan be relayed to Firecom?

After crews are tasked and IC has completed a size up.

What are some important points that can be given to firecom in regular sitreps?

Injuries to public or ff's

Search and rescue initiated.

Primary search complete

Secondary search complete

All persons accounted for.

Under control message.

Stop message.

Whats the difference in terms of an under control message at an incident and a stop message.

Under control means situation is under control but proceeding appliances are still required to attend the incident. Stop means when all required resources to control incident are on scene.

What are some of qfrs communications support equipment?

Comms support trailers.

Mobile command office.

Communications pack

Are mobile phones intrinsically safe?


Personnel are not to take mobile phones in to suspect or hazardous areas true or false.


The Incident Controller of the first arriving appliance when setting up control and command should relay what info to firecom? Give eg.

Vehicle call sign

IC rank and name, and assumption of Incident Controller The control vehicle

The name of control location

Firecome sth east 648A ASO Smith is incident controller. 648A is control vehicle and will be known as grey st control