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Give a formal definition of psychology:

It is the scientific study of the behavior of individuals and their mental processes.

List 4 empirical research factors.

- test theories by using good scientific practices. - can eliminate the flaws of pseudoscience.

- allows psychology to rely on more than just speculation.

- allows psychology to use data to drive its conclusions.

What is the job of an Engineering psychologist?

A person who designs wheelchairs that is easier to maneuver for those with physical restrictions

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist?

Psychiatrist would tend to use more medicine to treat those suffering from mental illness.

What individual believed that consciousness is a “stream of ideas" rather than elements that shouldbe broken into smaller parts?

William James.

Explain Gestalt psychology in regards to perception

A process in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

The school of thought that investigates the connection between stimuli and responses is


What is the focus of a humanist psychologist?

Striving for growth and developing potential

What perspective looks at the long-standing personality characteristics of an individual, and how this may impact their affect, behaviors and cognition?

trait theory

Dr. Spinney provides students with different types of beverages and then measures their ability to drive a car. In this example, beverage type is the ______

independent variable.

What does the term 'hypothesis' literally mean?
little theory.

_______ reduces experimenter bias.


Some people believe that money can buy happiness. Dr. Goodwin wants to determine whether paying people plays a role in their happiness. The level of money given to a subject would be considered to be the _________ variable


Why is it important that studies are replicated, especially if we already know the outcome of the study?

- to allow for a double-blind study by someone who has nothing to gain regardless of the outcome of the study

- to insure that the experimenter bias did not influence the initial study

- to insure that the results did not occur simply by chance

- to insure that the results are valid

The value of a correlation coefficient reflects the relationship between two


This phenomena is much like the Confirmation bias in which an experimenter allows their preconceived notions about what "should" happen in an experiment into what they then see in the experiment.

expectancy bias

List measures of central tendency

range, mode, mean, and median

The genetic structure you inherited from your parents is referred to as your __


Cells that have not yet determined which type of tissue they will become are known as

stem cells

Place the following types of neurons in the correct order from a messages inception through a physical response. Inter, sensory, motor
sensory, inter-, motor
This is the area in a neuron that determines whether or not a given neuron will 'fire'.

List in order how a neural signals travels along a neuron?

dendrite, soma, axon, terminal button

What holds the neurotransmitters and eventually releases then into the synapse for transmittal to the next neuron?

terminal buttons

Individuals who abuse Opiate such as heroin or morphine are artificially increasing levels of


Schizophrenia is thought to occur when a person has a higher-than-normal level of


The process by which sensory receptors produce neural impulses which are then sent to the brain is called


Through the process of ________, we are able to interpret incoming sensory patterns


The process of ________ is responsible for the conversion of physical energy to neural impulses


If you are able to taste one teaspoon of salt in a bucketful of hot buttered popcorn, this amount is above your

absolute threshold.

Annie is working on a new perfume. Her perfume has hints of lavender and rose. She has just added some more lavender, there is just enough for her to detect the change. This is an example of a
just noticeable difference.