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is some stress good
what is stress
demand made on an organism to adapt, cope or adjust
what is a healthful stress
what is eustress
a helpful stress
what does intense or prolonged stress do
affects our moods, impairs our ability to experience pleasure and harms the body
what is health psychology
studies relationships between psychological factors and the prevention and treatment of physical health problems
what are daily hassles
regularly occuring conditions and experiences that can threaten or harm our well being
what are examples of daily hassles
household, health, time-pressure, inner concern, environmental, financial responsibility, work and security hassles
when do life changes occur
what are two things hassles and life changes can do to you
affect mood and predict health problems
what are life change units
Holmes and Rahe
what is conflict
feeling of being pulled in two or more directions by opposing motives
what are the four types of conflict
approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, approach-avoidance, and multiple approach-avoidance
What is A-B-C in irrational beliefs
activating events, beliefs, consequences
who was famous for irrational beliefs
Albert Ellis
what was Albert Ellis famous for
irrational beliefs
what are two things that happens with irrational belief
negative activation event becomes more aversive and irrational beliefs compound the effect
what are type A people
's behavior patterns highly driven, competitive, impatient, hostile and aggressive
what are type B people's behavior patterns
relax readily, focus on quality of life, less ambitious and less impatient
do type A people achieve more than type B people and still are less satified with themself
what is self-efficacy expectations
allow one to persist in difficult tasks and endure discomfort
what are high self-efficacy expectations
less adrenaline and nonadrenaline secreted when under stress- moderates body's stress
what is true about people who are psychologically hardy
more resistant to stress
what are three things found in business executives
high in- commitment, challenge and percieved control over their lives(internal locus of control)
what does laughter do in stress
stimulates endorphin output
sense of humor does what to cognitive thinking
positive cognitive shifts
what allows us to prepare and cope
what is predictability a greater benefit to- internals or externals
what allows us to plan
control-even the illusion of control
what does social support do to stress
acts as a buffer
what has been shown to help people resist infectious diseases
social support
what helps people cope with stress of acculturalation and/or health problems
social support
what is general adaptation syndrome and what are the 3 stages
group of bodily changes.- alarm reaction-fight or flight, resistance stage and exhaustion stage
what is the alarm reaction triggered by
perception of a stressor
what does the alarm reaction do biologically
arouses body
what are corticosteroids
help protect body- combat allergic reactions
when can corticosteroids be harmful
to the cardiovascular system
what provides fuel for the alarm reaction
adrenaline and nonadrenaline
what kind of behavior are women likely to have under stress
tend and befriend- nuturing, seek social support
what is the explanation for gender differences in stress response
what are men's behaviors under stress and why
aggressive due to hormone differences
what is the resistance stage
if alarm reaction mobilizes the body and the stressor is not removed
what happens during the resistance stage
endocrine and sympatheti activity continues higher than normal
what is the exhaustion stage
when the stressor is not dealt with adequately
what happens to the body during the exhaustion stage
muscles become fatigued and parasympathetic division of ANS dominates
what can continued stress lead to
dieseases of adaptation
what are dieseases of adaptation
allergies, hives, coronary heart disease, ultimatly death
how does the immune system kill pathogens
production of white blood cells
what are leukocytes
white blood cells
how does the immune system battle antigens
generates antibodies
what is inflammation
increases leukocytes sent to the injured area
what stimulates production of steriods
what do steriods do
interfere with the formation of antibodies and decrease inflammation
what are 3 factors that can interact with the likelyhood of contracting an illness
biological, psychological and sociocultural
can you do anything to prevent developing heart diesease or cancer
what is a leading cause of death in the US
coronary heart diesease
what are risk factors for coronary heart diesease
family history, physiological conditions, patterns of consumption, type A behavior, job strain, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and emotional strain, and physically inactive lifestlye
what are 4 major risk factors for cancer
inherited disposition, behavior patterns- smoking, alcohol,diet, sunbathing-, prolonged psychological conditions- depression,stress- and ethnic or cultural factors
what are 4 behavior patterns that are major risk factors for cancer
diet, sunbathing, alcohol and smoking