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What current illness symbolizes the worst fears about dying?


Cancer symbolizes the

Worst fears of our age

Which of the following terms BEST describes the process of a person who questions, "Am I responsible for bringing this illness on myself?"

Magical thinking

Corr's primary dimensions in coping with dying are physical, psychological, spiritual, and


Which statement best reflects the closed awareness context of family interactions in response to a life-threatening illness?

The dying person is not aware of his or her impending death although others may know about it

According to Glaser and Strauss, which of the following communication styles are used by families when a family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?

1. Closed awareness 2. Open awareness 3. Mutual pretense

Which of the following statements is an example of the open awareness context of family interactions in response to a life-threatening illness?

Death is acknowledged and discussed

Mutual pretense, as a way of coping with painful circumstances such as a terminal illness

Can be a useful short-term strategy for coping with a painful situation

How many stages are associated with the model of coping with life-threatening illness presented by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross?


According to Kubler-Ross, all of the following are associated with a life-threatening illness EXCEPT:


In Kenneth Doka's "Tasks in Coping with Life-threatening Illness," which phase is characterized by living with the disease and managing symptoms and side effects?


According to Avery Weisman, the process of coping with a terminal illness can be divided into how many interrelated tasks?


According to Avery Weisman, coping with life threatening illness involves tasks of maintaining a sense of optimism and hope and confronting the problem and

Revising one’s plans as necessary

The real estate wanted advertisement in the text is used to illustrate which of the following?

Desires to accomplish plans that previously had been put off to be done in the future

Which of the following are the three major psychological and behavioral patterns that individuals use in coping with the threat of death as identified by Therese Rando?

1. Retreat and conservation of energy 3. Attempting to master or control the threat of death 4. Exclusion from the threat of death

What is the aim of meaning-based coping?

To maintain a person’s sense of positive well-being

The spreading of cancer to various parts of the body is known as


Metastasis is BEST defined as

The spreading of cancer to various parts of your body

A biopsy is BEST defined as

The surgical removal of a small amount of tissue for diagnosis

What is the oldest effective form of cancer therapy?


What is the oldest and most common form of cancer therapy?


Side effects experienced by patients receiving chemotherapy can include all of the following EXCEPT

Cyanotic lymph nodes

The therapies included under complementary and alternative medicine are sometime referred to as

Integrative medicine

Bioenergetics, homeopathic medicine, and yoga are what form of cancer treatment option?

Complementary and alternative therapies

What is visualization

The patient imagines the therapeutic agent inside the body helping to restore well-being

What is ikigai ryoho?

A psychotherapy that helps people live fully and meaningfully

A psychotherapeutic technique used in Japan to assist cancer patients in finding meaning and living life to the fullest is known as

Ikigai ryoho

What is ethnomedicine?

Conventional biomedicine and folk beliefs

What is the positive response to a treatment that a person believes to be an effective therapy?

Placebo effect

Methods of treatment that the medical establishment considers unproved or potentially harmful are called

Unorthodox therapies

What term do Shupe and Hadden use to identify varied therapies such as "faith healing, supernatural healing, and folk healing?"

Symbolic healing

Which is the most common physical symptom in terminally ill patients?


What is now viewed as a "vital sign" that should be considered along with temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure?


What is now viewed as the "fifth vital sign?"


Chronic pain usually persists longer than

Three to six months

Which of the following statements about pain is true?

Responses to pain are culturally shaped

What is a critical first step in accessing and managing pain?

Believing the pain is real

According to Yvette Colon of the American Pain Foundation, what is a critical first step in assessing and managing pain?

Belief that pain is real

Which of the following statements regarding pain is NOT true?

Patients with severe pain often obtain euphoric sensations from drugs.

Which of the following BEST describes a lingering dying trajectory?

A patient dies from a progressive chronic illness

A patient's "total pain" includes

1. psychological 3. social 4. spiritual

What did Eric Cassell write about the social role of the dying patient?

The death of the body is a physical phenomenon whereas the passing of a person is nonphysical

Which of the following are spiritual needs of dying patients?

1. Need for hope and creativity 3. Need to give and receive love 4. Need for meaning and purpose

Often, the only task that matters in being with someone who is dying is to

Stay close and do nothing

Bereavement is defined as the

Objective event of loss

The emotional reaction and responses of anguish, anger, or relief to the death of a loved one are collectively termed


In addition to insomnia and changes in appetite, physical disturbance that occurs with grief typically includes

Tightness of the throat

Which of the following are usually identified as physical symptoms of grief?

1. Shortness of breath 2. Muscle weakness 3. Empty feeling in the abdomen

What is our "assumptive world?"

The world we expect to be stable and reliable

In contrast to the reaction to loss, what is the PROCESS by which a bereaved person integrates a loss into his or her ongoing life?


Wearing a black armband traditionally signifies

A conventional mourning behavior

What is a way of signifying mourning among some Native Americans?

Cutting one’s own hair short

A theme common to mourning behaviors cross-culturally is that the bereaved

Are different and this difference diminishes with time

Whose model focuses on four tasks of mourning, including accepting the reality of the loss, processing the pain of grief, and finding an enduring connection with the deceased?


The concept of adjusting to a world without the deceased is associated with

J. William Worden’s tasks of mourning

Who is known for the paper "Mourning and Melancholia?"


Attachments and the processes by which we relinquish them were central concerns in the work of

John Bowlby

The grief-work model has been widely accepted as the standard formulation for

Understanding and helping people accommodate to loss

Lyn Lofland suggests that some of the "ties that bind" us to one another are the roles we play, the help we receive and the

Wider network of others made available to us

Telling the "story" of grief can help in coping with loss in which of the following ways?

1. Sharing the story provides emotional relief and promotes the search for meaning. 2. The story can be told without the constraint of having to conform to a particular model of how it should be. 3. The story brings people together in support of one another.

Sharing the story of a loss provides emotional relief, promotes the search for meaning, and

Brings people together in support of one another

In the dual-process model of coping, loss-oriented coping includes

Looking at old photographs

What is an example of loss-oriented coping?

Looking at old photographs

According to the dual-process model of coping, what coping behavior includes mastering tasks that had been taken care of by the deceased and developing a new identity?


According to Simon Shimson Rubin's Two-Track Model of Bereavement, which of the following considers quality of family relationships, health concerns, and investment in life tasks?

Track I: general biopsychosocial functioning

Which of the following typically occurs during the initial period of grief?

Sense of confusion and disorganization

Which of the following typically occurs during the middle period of grief?

Sadness and Longing

. Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, and holidays

Can reawaken and reactivate unexpected feelings of grief

According to Therese Rando, which of the following may especially complicate grief?

1. Death of a child. 2. Bereaved person's perceived lack of social support. 4. Bereaved's perception that the death was somehow preventable.

Complicated mourning is best described as

Failure to realize the implication of loss

According to Neimeyer, Prigerson, and Davies, What is the "inability to reconstruct a meaningful personal reality" after loss?

Complicated grief

The idea that one can die of a "broken heart"

Is being investigated scientifically and is considered plausible

Which term best describes the phenomena of death as a consequence of the stress of bereavement?

Broken heart

According to Edgar Jackson, what factors are especially important in a survivor's response to loss?

Personality, social roles, values, and perception of the deceased’s importance

In the instrumental (linear) pattern of grieving, how is grief experienced and expressed?

In restlessness or mental activity

In the intuitive (systemic) pattern of grieving, individuals experience and express grief

Via feelings and emotions

When a person experiences grief physically, as restlessness or mental activity, Terry Martin and Kenneth Doka would identify this pattern of grieving as


Which of the following is generally considered a high-grief death?

The death of a teenager in a car accident

Of the following modes of death, which is most likely to be characterized as a low-grief death?

Terminal illness of an elderly man

Factors that can restimulate grief for survivors of a homicide are termed

Trigger events

In the wake of multiple losses, survivors may feel they have "run out of tears," resulting in bereavement


Disenfranchised grief can be described as a

Consequence of lacking social support or acknowledgement of loss

Grief experienced in connection with a loss that is not socially supported or acknowledged through the usual rituals is


Unfinished business is best described as

Issues or “business” that goes on after death

Unfinished business is a term that can relate to the

Plans and dreams that the bereaved had shared with the deceased

Which of the following is a helpful behavior when lending support to the bereaved?

Simply listening without judgement

Which of the following bereavement organizations focuses on supporting military families?

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Which of the following statements best describes how bereavement is an opportunity for growth?

Energy that was bound to the past is freed up

The psychosocial effects of war and murder lead to higher levels of

Traumatic reactions

If a child believes that he or she may have played a role in the events leading to a death, what emotion might be expected to predominate?


Adolescents' (especially girls) responses to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks included

Fear and concern about dying from other disasters

Of all the deaths that may be experienced in childhood, the most affecting is likely to be the death of a


A parent's death is perceived as a loss of security, affection and


Coping with the death of a parent may be complicated when the death results from

2. suicide.3. homicide.

Coping may become complicated when the death of a parent results from


Children can experience "survivor's guilt" as young as

Four years old

A sibling's death may represent which of the following?

1. Loss of playmate 3. Loss of caregiver 4. Loss of protector

According to David Balk, which of the following is most likely to cause adolescents to ask questions about the nature of life and death, about good and evil, and about the meaning of life?

Death of a sibling

To help them cope with disturbing thoughts and feelings, seriously ill children need

Mental first aid

For a school-age child experiencing a serious illness, major issues include

1. a sense of stigma. 2. impaired self-concept. 3. side effects of treatment.