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Social psychology is the study of

The real or imagined influence of other people

For social psychologists, the likely explanation of the new mass suicide at Jonestown was

Processes that could ensure almost any healthy person

In social psychology, the level of analysis is

The individual in a social context

Which of the following comments does NOT illustrate the fundamental attribution error

"The people who committed suicide at Jonestown were socially isolated and thus cut off from other points of view about their leaders

What do social psychology and personality psychology have in common

They both focus on the individual

What do social psychology and sociology have in common

They both are concerned with group processes

In social psychology, why is construal so important

People's behavior is affected by their interpretation of events, not only the events themselves

What was the main contributions of Gestalt psychology to social psychology

It showed that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts

Which of the following motives are central to how we construe the world

The need to feel good about ourselves and to feel our opinions are accurate

To get people to change self-destructive behavior, social psychologists would be likely to

None of the above

Megan reads a research study which shows that children who see a lot of violence on television are more likely to be aggressive on the playground. Megan thinks, "This is obvious I could have predicted that!" Megan's reaction to the study is probably an example of

The hindsight bias

Suppose a researcher found a strong negative correlation between college students' grade point average (GPA) and the amount of alcohol they drink. Which of the following is the best conclusion from this study

If you know how much alcohol a student drinks, you can predict his or her GPA fairly well

A term of researchers wants to test the hypothesis that drinking wine makes people like jazz more. They randomly assign college who are 21 or over to one room in which they will drink wine and listen to jazz or to another room in which they will drink water and listen to jazz. It happens that the "wine room" has a big window with nice scenery outside, while the "water room" is windowless, dark and dingy. The most serious flaw in this experiment is that it

Is low in internal validity

Mary wants to find out whether eating sugary snacks before an exam leads to better performance on the exam. Which of the following strategies would answer her question most conclusively

Wait for exam time in a big class, give a random half of the students M&Ms before the exam and see whether the students who ate M&Ms perform better

A researcher conducts a study with participants who are college students. The researcher then repeats the study using the same producers but with members of the general populations (i.e. adults) as participants. The results are similar for both samples. The researchers has established________through_________

External validity; replication

Professor X wants to make sure his study of gifted youngsters will get published, but he's worried that his findings could have been caused by something other than the independent variable, which was a new teaching method he introduced. He is concerned with the____________of his experiment

Internal validity

Suppose a psychologist decides to join a local commute to understand and observe its members' social relationships. This is


The basic dilemma of the social psychologist is that

There is a trade-off between internal and external validity in most experiments

Which of the following is true about new frontiers in social psychological research

Social psychologists use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to correlate different kinds of brain activity with social information processing

All of the following except one are part of the guidelines for ethical research. Which is not

There must be a cover story for every for every study, because all student involve some type of deception

Which of the following is the best summary of research on automatic thinking

Automatic thinking is vital to human survival but it is not perfect and can produce mistaken judgments that have important consequences

Jennifer and Nate are walking along the street when they see a man walk out of a convenience store clutching bag. The owner of the store runs out and shouts for the man to stop and come back. Jennifer immediately assumes there have been a robbery, whereas Nate immediately assumes that the man forgot to get his change and that the store owner wants to give it to him. What is the best explanation for why Jennifer and Nate interpreted this event differently

Different schemas were accessible in Jennifer and Nate's minds, perhaps because they had different recent experiences that primed different schemas

Which of the following is true about the use of schemas

Although schemas can leads to errors, they are a very useful way of organizing information about the world and filling in gaps in our knowledge

Tiffany has a hard time trusting her friends because she believes they are irresponsible. Accordingly, when she makes dinner plans with one friend, she also makes backup plans with someone else, and she goes to one or other. Her friends soon in turn begin to "blow off" their arrangements with Tiffany, because they are never sure whether she will show up. Tiffany thinks to herself, "See, I was right, my friends are irresponsible." Which of the following best explains why Tiffany made this conclusion

A self-fulfilling prophecy

Suppose you wanted your friend Stephan to feel like a more assertive person. According to research on____, you should ask him to think of ______times in the past when he acted in an unassertive manner

Avaliability heuristic; 12

Which of the following involves the least amount of automatic thinking

Counterfactual reasoning

Which of the following is true

All human beings have the same cognitive "tools" that they can use

Research on controlled thinking and free will shows that

There is a disconnect between our conscious sense of how much we are causing our actions and how much we are really causing our actions

Suppose you are trying to raise money for your favorite charity and you set up a table in the lobby of a campus building. Which of the following is likely to increase the likelihood that passerby will donate money

Spray some citrus-scented cleaning solution on the table

What is the best conclusion about social cognition

Whereas people are very sophisticated social thinkers who have amazing cognitive abilities, there is also plenty of room for improvement

What is a major assumption of Kelley's covariation model of attribution

People gather information to make causal attributions

Which of the following psychological phenomena shows the least cultural variation

Anger facial expressions

Suppose that Mischa sits in the front row of discussion class she gets better participation grade, regardless of how much she actually participates. Her positioning in front of the teacher could have an effect on how large of a role the teacher thinks Mischa has in discussion, due to

Perceptual salience

Which of the following best illustrates the idea of belief perseverance

Michael's first impressions of Anne is a negative one and even though he comes to observe her in a variety of scenarios displaying a variety of skills, he remains convinced that she will never amount to very much

Mr. Rowe and Ms. Dabney meet on a blind date. They get along well until they get into his black convertible to go to a movie. Ms. Dabney is quiet and reserved for the rest of the evening.It turns out that her brother had recently been in a serious accident in that same type of car and seeing it brought up those unwanted emotions. Mr. Rowe assumes that Ms. Dabney has a cold and reserved personality, thereby demonstrating
The fundamental attribution error.

Suppose a certain student, Jake, fall asleep during every chemistry class. Further suppose that Jake is the only one who falls asleep in this class and he falls asleep in all of his other classes. According to Kelley's covariation theory of attribution, how will people explain his behavior

It is due to something unusual about Jake, because his behavior is low in distinctiveness and high in consistency

Imagine that you were in Hong Kong reading the morning news and you notice a headline about a double murder that took place overnight. A suspect is in custody. Which of the following headlines is most likely to accompany the story

Dispute over Gambling Debt Ends in Murder

Ming is from China; Jason is from the US. Both participate in an experiment in which they take a test, are given feedback, and are told that they did very well. They are then asked to make attributions for their performance. Based on the cross cultural research on the self serving bias, you would expect
Jason, but not Ming, will say that he succeeded due to his high ability
Which of the following statements best describes cultural differences in the fundamental attribution error
Members of collectivist cultures are more likely to go beyond dispositional explanations, considering information about the situation as well

It is 10 am, Jamie, an American college student, is dragging himself to class to turn in a paper for which he pulled an all nighter. Through a haze of exhaustion, on the way to class, he sees a student slip and falls down. How would Jamie be most likely to interpret the cause of the student's behavior

Given what we know about Jamie's current cognitive capacity and cultural background, he will likely assume that the student fell because he or she was clumsy