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Activation of the receptors by stimuli is called ....


The raw data of experience based on the activation of certain receptors located in the various sensory organs

The ability to detect physical energy through our visual or touch systems is aka


The organization and interpretation of olfactory information is one example of


Activation of the receptors by stimuli is called


Cells that are triggered by light, vibrations, sound, touch or chemical substances are called

Sense receptors

The belief that our sensory systems are infallible and that our perceptions are perfect representations of the world around us is called

Naive realism

The perceptual process of filling in is guided by

preconceived notions and past experiences

The conversion of external energy into something that the nervous system can understand is know as


When u first put your hat on, u can feel it quite easily, but after a while you forget that you are wearing a hat at all- the sensation is gone. What happens

Sensory adaptation

The process by which unchanging information from the senses of taste, touch, smell and vision is ignored by the sensory receptor cells themselves is called....

Sensory adaptation

In the process aka ......., sensory receptors become less sensitive to repeated presentations of the same stimulus

Sensory adaptation

Sensory adaptation

Sounds that we hear are converted into electrical signals in neurons through a process called.....


The sensitivity of our sensory abilities and systems is demonstrated in our ....... thresholds.


Top down processing

What is absolute threshold?

Lowest level of stimulus needed for the nervous system to detect a change 50% of the time

Define sensory adaptation.

Activation is greatest when a stimulus is first detected.

Define Sense receptor

Specialized cell responsible for converting external stimuli into neural activity for a specific sensory system.

Define transduction

The process of converting an external energy or substance into electrical activity within neurons

Just noticeable difference

The smallest change in the intensity of a stimulus that we can detect.


The study of how we perceive sensory stimuli based on their physical characteristics.

Signal detection theory

The theory regarding how stimuli are detected under different conditions.

Synesthesia is......

A condition in which people experience cross-modal sensation

Parallel processing is......

the ability to attend to many sense modalities simultaneously.

The way our brain multitasks

Bottom up processing

Processing in which a whole stimulus is constructed from parts

e.g. perceiving an object on the basis of its edges.

Top down processing

Conceptually driven processing influenced by beliefs and expectancies.

............... is conceptually driven, whereas ........... is stimulus driven

Top-down ; bottom-up processing

Subliminal perception is.....

is perception below the limen or threshold of conscious awareness

In attentional blindness

Failure to detect stimuli that are in plain sight when our attention is focused elsewhere

The cocktail party effect

Explains how we can become aware of stimuli outside of our immediate attention when it's relevant to us.

Hearing your name

One problem with Vicary's study of subliminal perception is that

It never happened.

The shortest wavelengths we can see are experienced as ......... colours



The longest wavelengths we can see are experienced as ....... colours



The aspect of colour that corresponds to names such as red, green and blue is


Pupil is........

the small opening in the centre of the iris/ eye

Cornea is .......

the clear, transparent protective coating over the front part of the eye

The Iris is ......

the coloured part of the eye that contains muscles to contract or expand the pupil

The wavelength of the light reaching your eyes determines in part what ...... You see.


The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by the. ....


Light is focused on the retina by the .......


Which component of the eye contains the visual receptors?


Bundles of axons from ganglion make up the

the optic nerve