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A form of counterconditioning in which a CS is paired with an aversive US, often nausea inducing drugs
aversion therapy
An emotional repsonse to as stimulus that is aquired through Pavlovian conditioning. Abbreviated CER.
conditioned emotional response
A reduction in the rate of responding due to the noncontingent presentation of an aversive CS.
conditioned suppression
An aversion, acquired through Pavlovian conditioning, to foods with a particular flavor.
conditioned taste aversion
The use of Pavlovian conditioning to reverse the unwanted effects to prior conditioning.
Any of several forms of counterconditioning in which a person is gradually exposed to feared stimulus.
exposure therapy
A procedure for treating phobias in which a person imagines progressively stronger forms of the frightening CS while relaxed. It is a form of counterconditioning.
systematic desensitization
A variation of exposure therapy in which virtual reality technology is used.
virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET)