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Home care management

Team of health care professionals working together on different levels to provide client care in their own home. Health care team usually consists of; client, family, case manager, family physician, nurses, psw, supervisor...Social worker & therapists if on the client care plan.

In clients home

Palliative care

Service for people with progressive, life threatening illness or conditions. Aim to relieve suffering and improve comfort, not cure illness. Client no longer seeks life prolonging treatment or cures.

Comfort measures only


Dignity, Independence, Preferances, Privacy, Safety. All clients have the right to compassionate care.

The basis of ethical support that should be applied and considered in all situations.

Determinants of health

12 determinants of health: income/ social status, social support network, education and literacy, employment and working conditions, social support, physical environments, personal health practices and coping skills, healthy child development, biology and genetic endowment, health services, gender and culture.

Acute illness and disability

Appear suddenly and last for a short period of time. Usually less than 3months

Chronic illness and disability

Slow or gradual in onset, may or may not become worse overtime. Can not be cured focus of care on preventing complications.

Delegated task

Nurse authorizes PSW to preform certain controlled tasks that only nurses are legally allowed to preform. These tasks can include; below the skin procedures, administering injection or inhalation medicine, administering instrument or finger in a body opening (catheter) nurse must follow 5 rights of delegation.

Maslows hierarchy of needs

5 levels of need for maintaining well being. Certain needs must be met first before others can be met. In order of importance: physically (oxygen, food, water, shelter, rest), Safety (protection from harm, danger, fear, pain). Love and belonging (love, affection, tenderness, physical desire, acceptance) Self esteem (feeling of worth, value, dignaty) Self actualization ( realizing ones full potential, this need is rarely met)

Anxiety/ stress

A group of mental health disorders in which anxiety is the main symptom. A vague uneasy feeling in response to stress. Other symptoms include sence of dread, danger, harm, fear, pain. Normal functioning is affected.