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In the Reluctant Fundamentalist, what happened to Changez when he returned to NYC after 9/11/01?

He was strip searched at the airport

In the East what happened to the records of Sarah's cellphone?

she swallowed the chip

According to Projecting Politics, which of the following best fits the ways in which movies affect politics?

Movies affect specific political behavior, such as voting in elections

In the Reluctant Fundamentalist, what was the occupation of Changez's father?


From what town is Virgil Tibbs? (In the heat of the Night)

Philadelphia, PA

How does Virgil Tibbs know that Sam, the policeman, did not commit the murder?

Sam could not have driven two cars at once

In, In the Heat of the Night, what does the widow of the murder victim threaten to do if Virgil Tibbs is not put in charge of the investigation?

Move her husband's factory out of town.

In the East, what is one of the first things that she does when she goes undercover?

dyes her hair

Which of the following is an element of the filmmaking process?

production, conception, screenplay/story

which of the following are generally understood to be part of the activities of a film producer?

identifying and hiring the major creative talents who will work on the film

what best describes the philosophical and social-theoretical definition of ideology offered by Haas, Christensen, and Hass in Projecting Politics?

Ideology refers to implicit views and assumptions that seem to be common-sense truths or natural beliefs, neutral in their apparent universality, but that really serve the interests of the ruling class or dominant force in society.

In The East, what is the last jam that Sarah participates in?

Obtaining a list of all Hiller Brood agents

In the Reluctant Fundamentalist, what caused Changez to break up with Erica?

She used his life as the focus of her photography show

the contemporary American film industry model is predicated on "tent pole" productions. what best describes this model?

the "tent pole" model means that a few high budget movies are intended to act as a "tent pole" movies expected to earn enough to carry a studio's inevitable flops as well as smaller movie projects not designed to earn a huge profit.

In the Reluctant Fundamentalist, what is Changez's final act of rebellion in his NYC job

he refuses to shut down a publisher

According to Projecting politics, popular films that are not explicitly political retain the power to shape political attitudes bc the possibility for the persuasion is greatest precisely when one is least aware that political messages are being communicated.


what best describes the film term mise-en-scene?

the composition or placement of all objects in the frame

In "if a tree falls," what is one of the consequences of adding a "terrorism enhancement" to an arson conviction?

being assigned to restrictive terrorist prison

in, The company you keep, where was Sharon Solanz going, in the initial scene of the film?

to turn herself into the authorities

in, Trumbo, what is the first movie where Dalton Trumbo writes the screenplay, but another writer is given credit for it?

Roman Holiday

When the House of Un-american Activities Committee investigated Hollywood for supposed communist infiltration in the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood responded by "blacklisting" whom?

The Hollywood-Ten a group of writers and directors who had made political movies

which of the following is an accurate description of the familial and domestic story in D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation?

The movie focuses on the story of two families-the Stonemans of the north and the Camerons of the South- who, despite their differences, are close friends and confidants, an analogy for the coming together of the nation after the Civil War.

What best describes vertical integration in the American film industry?

the integration of production, distribution, and exhibition in the American film industry.

In, The Company you Keep, what personal secret did Jim/Nick and Mimi Lurie share?

they gave a child up for adoption

what is the focus of Harvey Milk's phone calls with a young boy from Minnesota?

he is trying to talk him out of committing suicide

What was Harvey Milk's first successful political activity?

Coors Beer boycott

What type of store id Harvey Milk and Scott Smith open up in Castro district?

camera store

In, The Candidate, what event initially helps Crocker Jarmon, Bill McKay's opponent?

forest fires

What best describes the villains in Mr. Smith goes to Washington?

senators and party bosses

According to Projecting Politics, communist infiltration of Hollywood was never very successful, but Congressional hearing on the issue gave politicians publicity and opportunities to burnish their conservative credentials.


In, Trumbo, what actor demands that Trumbo be allowed to be credited with the screenplay of "Spartacus?"

Kirk Douglas

In, The Candidate, why is Bill McKay a likely candidate for the US Senate in California?

He is the son of the former governor of California

In, The Company you Keep, what was Jim/Nick's involvement in the bank robbery in Michigan?

He did not participate at all

In "Trumbo" Dalton Trumbo is forced to testify before the

US House Committee on Un-American Activities

In, The Company you Keep, to what organization did Jim/Nick and Mimi Lurie belong?

the Weather Underground

In, the Lives of Others, what is the name of the musical piece given to Georg by his blacklisted friend, Jerska?

Sonata for a good man

In, Conducta, what is the object in her classroom that causes Carmela to face disciplinary action?

a religous figurine

In, Conducta, in what illegal activity does Chala particiate

dog fighting

In, The Constant Gardner, from whom does Justin obtain the clinical data that Tessa used in her report?

a doctor in a remote Kenyan village

In, The Lives of Others, what does Wiesler, the listener in the attic, do to save Georg from the Stasi police?

He removes the typewriter from Georg's apartment before the raid.

In, The Lives of Others, when does Georg find out the truth about Christa-Maria?

After he has access to the public Stasi archives

According to projecting Politics, what best describes the Political meaning in Bonnie and Clyde and its relationship to counterculture?

Although more socially reflective as opposed to explicitly political, the movie captured the spirit of the counterculture as an allegory of youthful disaffection and rebellion against authority

According to projecting politics, American movies underwent a political revival in the late 1960s. What major factor precipitated this revival according to the authors?

television took over the political middle road, freeing the movies to attract more selective audiences and thus more political changes

Which of the following best describes political films in the 1970s according to projecting politics?

After a brief period of high output for political films in the late 1960s and early 1970s, by the mid 1970s, most movies expressed no worries at all about politics, and blockbusters with minimal political content dominated the decade

According to Projecting Politics, how did critics and the public respond to Stanley Kurbick's Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bomb, a movie that proclaimed the world had gone mad and was heading for destruction?

despite the apocalyptic and pessimistic tone, the movie was critical and popular hit.

what grim, anti-political movie may have inspired an attempted assassination of Reagan in 1981?

Taxi Driver

According to projecting politics, what kind of effect did counterculture movies such as Easy Rider and Medium Cool have on American film Industry?

the box office success of these films convinced studios that independent production about the counterculture could make money and so they tried to cash in on counterculture sentiment by making movies with similar political meaning

in, The Constant Gardner, what fact dispels the rumor that tessa is having an affair with Arnold Bluhm?

Arnold was revealed to have been gay

In, The lives of others, how does Georg ultimately that Wiesler, the wiretapper?

he dedicates his book to wiesler

Science fiction movies of the 1950s were mostly low in political content and intent, best understood as socially reflective movies featuring fantastic displacement


Former U.S. ambassador to Chile, Nathaniel Davis filed a "defamation of character" law suit against Costa-Gavros, the director of "Missing." he lost this lawsuit, but what might have been one of his reasons for taking this legal action?

the film implied that the US State Department was actively promoting the Chilean coup of 1973

In, Conducta, when Carmela is recovering from her heart attack what does Chala's new teacher want to do to him?

Send him to a re-education camp