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Name the five types of production tasks that Pro Tools an be used for

Audio, MIDI, Notation, Post, Mixing

What types of products does the AIR Software Group specialize in?

Plug-ins and Virtual Instruments

What is the frequency range of human hearing?

20 Hz to 20 kHz

What does frequency affect in terms of how we perceive sound? How is frequency measured?

The pitch of a sound. Measured in Hertz (Hz)

What does the amplitude of a sound wave affect? How do we measure it?

The loudness of a sound. Measured in decibels (dB)

How does the sample rate of a system relate to the frequency of audio it can capture? What is the name if the law that specifies the relationship between sample rate and audio frequency?

Each cycle of the sound wave must be sampled twice. Nyquist theorem.

How does the bit depth of a system relate to the dynamic range of audio it can capture? How can you estimate the dynamic range of a system?

The higher the bit depth, the bigger the dynamic range.

Bit depth * 6 = dynamic range

What are some common digital connections available in Pro Tools audio interfaces? What types of connector jacks do each use?

S/PDIF (uses RCA jack)
AES/EBU (used XLR)

Name some audio interfaces that are compatible with standard Pro Tools software.

Fast Track, Mbox, Eleven Rack, Duet and Quartet.

Third party devices are also compatible.

Name some audio interfaces that are compatible with Pro Tools HD

HD Omni



Name some of the folders and files that Pro Tools creates as part of the session hierarchy. Where is the session file?

Audio Files, Bounced Files, Back ups, Wavecash, session file

Session file is stored in the Pro Tools session folder

What is the WaveCash file? What will happen if it is deleted?

It is a file that contains information about the wave form display. If deleted Pro Tools will open fine. It may open a little slower as the Wavecash file needs to be re calculated.

Where are Audio files stored in the hierarchy?

in the audio files folder

Where are MIDI files stored?

In the .ptx session.

What component should you turn on first when powering up a Pro Tools system?

What should you turn on last?

First: Any external hard drives or devices that require external power.

Last: Monitors

What types of processes does the Hardware buffer affect? What does it not affect?

Affects: Host-based tasks

Doesn't affect: DSP processing

What kind of commands can be found in the view menu? How does view differ from the window menu?

View: Edit Window Views, Rulers,Regions, Waveforms, Automation, Sends, counters, plug-ins.

Views deermine what you can see. Windows open up a new window in the session

What kind of commands can be found in the options menu? How does options differ from set up?

Recording types (destructive, loop, quickpunch) Pre/post roll, link timeline and edit selections, link track and edit selections.

Options are toggled on and off. Set up opens a dialog box

Which main Pro Tools window displays audio waveforms and can be used to work directly with audio?, MIDI and video?

Edit window

Which window allows access to faders and pan controls?

Mix window

Which icon is used for the zoomer tool in the edit window? How can you quickly fill out the Edit window with the longest track in the session?

Magnifying glass.

Double click the zoomer tool.

Which edit tool is represented by a hand icon? What is the tool used for?


Used for moving whole clips along the timeline and onto different tracks

Which tool is active when trim, selector and grabber are all selected?

Smart tool

Which Pro Tools windows provide access to MIDI controls, such as wait for note, MIDI merge and metronome?

Transport and Edit windows

What four actions can be initiated from the Dashboard?

Open new session, open recent (up to 10), open template, open any saved session

What are some options for the Session Parameter settings in the dashboard?

Sample rate, bit depth, interleaved, file type (WAV, AIFF), I/O

what audio types are supported?


max sample rate and max bit depth?

192 kHz 32 bit float

what command lets you create a new track

Command Shift N

Name some track types supported in Pro Tools

Audio, Aux, Master, VCA Master, MIDI, instrument, video