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Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Equal Employment Opportunity


Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

Situational Leadership

When you choose the best action for each situation

Participative Leadership

When a supervisor asks for opinions in making decisions

Mission Statement

Tells employees and others what is the main purpose of the company is

Extrinsic Reward

A reward that comes externally from a person such as a raise

Intrinsic Reward

A reward that comes from within such as self-esteem

Organizational Chart

Shows the relationship between employees and their peers

Decision Tree

Shows alternate paths for decision making

Delphi Technique

When a supervisor administers a questionnaire among participants that have never met

Gantt Chart

Shows timelines for projects

Theory X

When a supervisor believes all employees are lazy and dislike work

Theory Y

When a supervisor believes that a employees like work


Total Quality Management

The goal of TQM

Long term success through customer satisfaction

Henri Fayol

Responsible for developing the 14 principals of management

Hawthorne Effect

When the interest in people changes the effect on the output


Leadership characteristics that inspire employees

Information that is difficult to measure is called...


Functional organization

The organizational structure where a group performing a specialized task reports to a manager in that same area

Line and staff

The organizational structure where there are staff departments support other departments


The organizational structure where organizations are structured around a special project or event

Autocratic leaderahip

When the leader keeps the power and makes decisions alone

Four stages of groups

Forming, storming, norming, conforming

Hierarchy of needs


Who created theory X and Theory Y

Douglas McGregor

Traditional Authority

Given to those with a specific title or function such as a supervisor or vice president


Goals of an organization towards accomplishment of which all organizational activities are directed


A predetermined action course that serves as a guide for the identified and accepted objectives and goals

The core of planning is...

Decision making

Limiting factor

Something which stands in the way of achieving a goal

Classical organizational theory

Division of labor, vertical and horizontal specialization, etc.

The mechanistic theory

Organizational change is inevitable and that organizations and people within the organization have no other choice except following natural law

What are the two types of organizational structures?

Wide span and narrow span

Line employee

Someone who works on any type of assembly line, manufacturing, etc.

In centralization all authority is concentrated where?

At the top

In a matrix organization a worker has how many bosses?



Allowing employees to make their own decisions to help customers

Four elements in a control system

Standards, measurement of performance, causal analysis, corrective action


Working out of hours required to perform each operation

Forward scheduling

Starts today and works out the schedule date for each operation in order to find out the completion date for the order

Backward scheduling

Start with the date on which the completed order is needed in the stores department for shipping, then works out backwards to determine the relevant release date for the order

Whistle Blowing

When an employee reports to the media ot the government about a company's wrong doing




Salary and benefits

Job enrichment

Adding more job responsibilities

How often should a performance review take place


Business ethics

A collection of principles and codes of conduct that affect the way companies do business

Studied operant conditioning

B.F. Skinner

Laissez Faire leadership

A hands off leadership approach with little supervision


A person's response to change


A plan that shows what methods are to be used


A program built primarily to assist employee development


A systematic and methodical filling up of positions

Just-in-time inventory

An inventory management system in which inventory arrives only when it is needed

Methods of risk management

Assuming the risk, minimizing the risk, avoiding the risk or shifting the risk

Avoiding the risk

Avoiding certain industries

Operations research

Considers various factors to build a mathematical decision making formula

Employee counseling

Counseling available for employees typically offered through a medical plan

Systems theory

Deals with interdependence instead of independence of variables

Group dynamics

Deals with role playing coupled with simulation which seek to emphasize group behavior


Decision making is widely dispersed

Classification method

Defines grades for requirements that are found common to various tasks

Ranking system

Determines salary according to a ranking based on overall importance and responsibilities


Determining if the methods being used adequately match planned results


Formal associations of employees to represent employees in negotiations with management

Personnel records

Give all the data in the application along with education records, test scores and other factors

Personnel appraisal

Helps the employee to know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats



Personnel administration

Looks into manpower resources, aims at harmonious labor, works to achieve oranizational goals, and keeps records

United States department of labor

Makes sure that companies are in compliance with federal employment laws

Organizational development

Methodical approach which seeks to improve organizational effectiveness

Methods of recruiting

Newspaper and television ads, headhunters, staffing firms, word of mouth, etc.



Managerial Function

Planning, oranizing, directing, and controlling

Factor comparison

Points are allotted and wage rates for such key jobs