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__________ - an employee's belief that increased efforts will lead to achieving performance goals

_______________ - an employee's belief that good job performance will lead to a specific outcome


_______ - the value that an employee places on specific outcome


________ ____ _________ - People satisfy needs in a specific order; physiological, safety, social, ego, and self-actualization

Maslow's need hierarchy

_________ ___ ______ - People have 3 basic sets of needs; existence, relatedness, and growth

Alderfer's ERG theory

___________ _____ - People have three dominant needs: achievement, affiliation, and power

McClelland's needs

The 4 steps of ___________ or formal control are:

1) Setting performance standards

2) Measuring performance

3) Comparing performance with the standard

4) Taking corrective action


The 4th step in the Control process incudes both __________ control and ________ control.

specialist and operator

___________ Control focuses on preventing problems before the occur; enacted before operations start; involves policies, procedures, and rules that limit certain activities; also known as preliminary control

__________ Control focuses on directing, monitoring and modifying ongoing activities


________ Control focuses on end results; uses performance data to correct deviations and guide future actions; Six Sigma is a feedback control tool used in manufacturing that aims to reduce defects.