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What are 4 stages of fracture healing?
1. inflammation
2. soft callus
3. hard callus
4. remodelling
How many levels of classification are there for open (compound) fractures?
An open fracture with wound open for greater than 6 hours is classified as what?
type 3
What are some aspects of clinical description of a fracture?
1. inflammation (heat, redness, pain, swelling)
2. soft tissue (open vs closed)
3. gait disturbance
4. deformity
5. neurovascular
What are some ways a fracture can be life-threatening?
1. hemmorrhagic shock (blood loss)
2. infection: gas gangrene
3. c-spine injury with spinal cord injury
What are open fractures at significantly increased risk of?
infection, nonunion, delayed union
What kinds of xray views do you need for a fracture, at a minimum?
AP and lateral at least
Some aspects of treatment of open fractures
antibiotics 48-72 hrs
tentanus prophylaxis
surgical debridement in OR
operative fixation
wound coverage
What are some early complications of fractures?
compartment syndrome
neurovascular injury
fat embolism syndrome (ARDS)
What are some late complications of fractures?
post-traumatic arthritis / avascular necrosis
complex regional pain syndrome
delayed union/nonunion/ malunion
residual loss of function (stiffness, weakness..)