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a party document, written at a national convention, that contains party philosophy, principles, and positions on issues
Divided government
the condition in American government wherein the presidency is controlled by one party while the opposing party controls one or both houses of Congress
Third parties
parties that organize to compete against the two major American political parties
Majority party
the party that holds the majority of legislative seats in either the House or the Senate
Single-member district
an electorate that is allowed to select only one representative from each district; the normal method of representation in the United States
Gender gap
a distinctive pattern of voting behavior reflecting the differences in views between men and women
Multiple0member district
anelectorate that selects all candidates at large from the whole district; each voter is given the number of votes equivalent to the number of seats to be filled
strong party organizations in late-nineteenth-and-early-twentieth-century American cities. These machines were led by "bosses" who controlled party nominations and patronage
the process through which political parties select their candidates for election to public office
Minority party
the party that holds a minority of legislative seats in either the House or the Senate
Plurality system
a type of electoral system in which,to win a seat in the parliament or other representative body, a candidate need only receive the most votes in the election, not necessarily a majority of votes cast
Proportional government
a multiple-member district system that allows each political party representation in proportion to its percentage of the total vote
the resources available to higher officials, usually opportunities to make partisan appointments to offices and to confer grants, licenses, or special favors to supporters
Party organization
the formal structure of a political party, including its leadership election committees, active members, and paid staff
Soft money
money contributed directly to political parties for voter registration and organization
Party identification
an individual voter's psychological ties to one party or another
Political parties
organized groups that attempt to influence the government by electing their members to important government offices
Caucus (political)
a normally closed meeting of a political or legislative group to select candidates, plan strategy, or make decisions regarding legislative matters
Two-party system
a political system in which only two parties have a realistic opportunity to compete effectively for control
National convention
a national party political institution that serves to nominate the party's presidential and vice presidential candidates, establish party rules, and write and ratify the party's platform
Electoral realignment
the point in history when a new party supplants the ruling party, becoming in turn the dominant political force. In the United States, this has tended to occur roughly every thirty years
Party activists
partisans who contribute time, energy, and effort to support their party and its candidates
Policy entrepreneur
an individual who identifies a problem as a political issues and brings a policy proposal into the political agenda
Responsible party government
a set of principles that idealizes a strong role for parties in defining their stance on issues, mobilizing voters, and fulfilling their campaign promises once in office