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Affirmative action

Intentional efforts to recruit women and minorities to diversify student body

Black Codes

Limited Rights of people who were formerly enslaved ( freeman)

Brown versus Board of Education 14th

Segregation of schools violated equal protection clause

Civil disobedience

Nonviolent refusal to comply with government, but still accepting consequences

Civil law

Law dealing with disputes between individuals and corporations and government

Civil rights

Everyone is protected from discrimination based on race, origin, religion, sex

De facto segregation

Segregation maintained by practice

De jure segregation

Segregation mandated by law

Equal protection Clause 14th

No State can deny a person they're equal protection rights

Heightened scrutiny test

Intermediate scrutiny test

Sex based discrimination can be legal if Government can prove that in achievement is important public interest


Multiple forms of Oppression simultaneously

Jim Crow laws

Black and white separation for public accommodations

Ordinary scrutiny test

Rational basis test

Sex based discrimination is legal if Government can achieve legitimate public interest

Poll tax

Tax preventing poor black people from voting

Separate but equal Doctrine

Separate but equal facilities don't violate 14th Amendment equal protection clause

Standing to sue

Legal right to bring lawsuits in court

Strict scrutiny test

Discrimination legal if Government can achieve a compelling public interest

Suspect classifications

Distinctions based on race, religion, national origin