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Double leg pumps (4 variations)
SR1 p.59
2 light springs middle or top
Seated on chair near the front edge
Inhale to lengthen, exhale to press pedal down,
Inhale to return
*Split pedals
*Side sit *Heels parallel narrow or wide, in pilates V or ext. rotated *add point and flex *Heels or toes
Prone scapular series (3 variations)
SR2 p.23
2 light springs on middle
Prone on chair, hands on pedal, elbows extended, shoulders slightly behind hands, legs reaching long
With straight arms inhale and retract scapulae, exhale to protract scapulae keeping torso still
*Split pedals, *Do with spine extension, *Pump arms
SR2 p. 25
2 light springs on middle, pedals together
Prone on chair, legs extended
Inhale to lengthen, exhale to extend cervical then thoracic spine, continue into lumbar spine, Inhale return to start position articulating spine.
*Split pedals, *Add rotation (R up, L up, R down, L down), *Put next to TT to support legs.
Lateral Flexion
SR 2 p. 49
1 heavy spring on 2 or 3
On your side on the chair legs can be supported on TT or straight out without support, Hand on pedal and aligned with shoulder, top arm hand at side.
Exhale to laterally flex, sliding hand toward knee, Inhale to return
* Star with lateral flexion, *Star with shoulder and hip abduction, *Hip and shoulder flexion/extension
Mermaid - Seated and Kneeling
SR2 p. 51
1 heavy spring on highest setting
Side sit with inside leg bent over the top and outside leg outstretched with toe on floor or moon box. Arms in a T position. Exhale to push pedal down forming a C curve. Lengthen from the hand to foot. Inhale to return to start position.
*Both legs outstretched in front of you, *Add rotation toward the pedal, *Kneel next to the chair instead (adjust spring)
Standing leg pump
SR3 p.21
1 heavy or 2 light springs on highest, pedals together or separate.
Stand with 60% wt on ball of foot - arch lifted. Hands on handles. One foot on pedal other one on the floor.
Exhale to push pedal down, extending hip and knee.
Inhale to flex the hip and knee to return to start.
Do both front and side.
*Stand on disc, *Heel or ball of foot on pedal, *Stand on moon box, *Face side in front of chair, *Stand to side of chair and crossover,
Achiles Stretch
SR 3 p.23
1 heavy or 2 light springs on highest
Pedals together or split.
Stand facing chair, hold handles, ball of one foot on pedal, place knee against the chair - opposite foot on floor.
Exhale to push pedal down while plantarflexing, Inhale to return while dorsiflexing.
*Don't hang on to handles, *Stand closer to the chair in neutral spine (on platform), *Close eyes
Swan from floor
SR 3 p. 49
2 light springs on highest, pedals together or split
Prone on the floor in front of chair, hands on pedals, arms lengthened.
Inhale to extend the spine (lowest ribs in contact with the floor). Exhale as pedal rises as the torso rolls back to start position.
*Add rotation towards the bending arm, *Add opposite leg (R rotation - L leg lift)
Seated Triceps
SR 3 p. 51
1 or 2 light spings on lowest
On moon box facing away, hands on pedal(s) fingers facing forward, elbows bent and aligned with shoulders, Scaps neutral, ribs in.
Exhale to press pedal down, watch scaps! Inhale flex elbows.
*Keep elbows straight and perform scapular elevation/depression, *Sit on floor, *Split pedals
Frog facing out
SR 3 p. 51
2 heavy springs on highest
Sit on chair holding front edges (fingers forward)
Elbows straight aligned with shoulders, balls of feet on pedal (s) in Pilates V.
Life bottom off chair, inhale to lower down towards the floor, bending elbows. Maintain Scaps! Exhale to press back up. Keep ribs in Controlling humerus head from rolling forward.
Hamstring 1
SR 4 p. 23
2 light or 1 heavy spring on high setting, pedals together.
Stand in front of chair, hands on pedal in line with shoulders, knees straight or bent.
Inhale to roll forward to place hands on pedal. Exhale to push pedal down maintaining thighs vertical. From tailbone inhale and articulate spine back up to start position.
*Do in a high kneeling position, *Add rotation by putting hands to one side of the pedal, *Split pedals, *Washer Woman 1
Hamstring II and Kneeling Cat
SR 4 p. 25
1-2 light or medium springs on high setting for HS II
2 heavy springs on high for KC.
Pedals together.
HS II: Stand behind the chair but close. Spine flexed hands over head. Roll down to place hands on pedal.
Exhale to use abs to push pedal towards the floor till thighs touch the chair, Inhale to return without moving legs. Press down 4-6 times from this position before the final roll up.
KC: Inhale to lengthen, Exhale full roll down to reach pedals (sitting back as needed). Press the pedal towards the floor. Maintain hips over knees as much as possible. Inhale aim sitbones down and pubic bone up until pedal is up. Exhale and repeat press down from this position 4-6 times before final roll up to start.
Frog Lying Flat and Single Leg Pump Supine
SR 4 p. 45
1 light spring on highest
FLF: Lying supne on floor in front of pedal. Knees at 90 degree angle with hips in external rotation, soles of feet together. Arms at side.
SLP: Hip and knees at 90 degrees, heel on pedal. arms at side. Other leg is pointed to ceiling.
FLF: Inhale to lengthen, Exhale to press pedal down to floor, Inhale to bring it up
SLP:Inhale to lengthen, Exhale to press pedal down, Inhale to bring it up.
*Move away from chair to make it harder, *Heels or balls of feet, *Bend top leg
Reverse Swan & Teaser
SR 4 p. 43
1-2 springs on high setting
Pedals together
Sit backwards and place hands on pedal. Legs out stretched.
Reverse swan: Sitting with hands on pedal inhale to lengthen, Exhale and with deep abs contracted curl up into thoracic flexion. Inhale to return.
Teaser I: Hands on pedal, start in teaser position. Inhale to lengthen, Exhale to push torso down legs stay up
Teaser II: Same only the torso stays up and the legs go up and down
Teaser III: Same again only the torso AND the legs go up and down together
* Increase the springs and bend knees
Hamstring III
SR 5 p. 83
2 heavy springs on middle or high
Stand with toes on the pedal facing the chair. Body is in a C curve hands at the sides of the chair. Shift wt forward and exhale and raise hips with spine in flexion. Inhale and return pedal to floor slowly and controlled while maintaining a flexed position.
* Neutral spine and pelvis, * Hands on corners for Oblique work (feet crossed too). *Knee stretch (like jackrabbit) maintain lifter position and flex and extend knees.
Side pull up
SR 5 p. 85
2 heavy springs on 2 or 3 Pedals together
Facing side of chair, hands hold the corners you are facing, shoulders parallel with chair, feet at the back of the pedal (outside leg in front) feet flat or heels lifted.
Side pull up: Spine rounded, Exhale & shift wt to hands and press torso up towards ceiling. Inhale to lower. There is minimal side bending.
*Extend the outside leg to the side
Forward Lunge & Backward Stepdown
SR 5 p. 105
2 heavy springs on 3 and 4 Use the handles.
Stand facing the chair. One foot on pedal the other on the chair seat holding the handles. Press up with good alignment to top of chair.
Forward Lunge: With wt on top foot step back with the other foot until it reaches the pedal. Keep knee/hip alignment and even pelvis. Bend and straighten top leg.
Backward step down: Place hands lightly at front edge of chair, torso flexed, pump back leg. For added challenge remove handles while pumping the back leg. Progress to Bowing variation use 4-6 pumps to standing and 4-6 more to bring torso back to the rounded start.
*Put moon box under pedal to decrease ROM, *Remove hands from handles or chair, Rise to demi point, *Stand on rotating disc
Side Lunge & Sideward Stepdown
SR 5 p. 107
2 heavy springs on highest
Saftey: Put non-skid under foot on chair
Do forward lunge to get on top the chair. Turn to side. Foot towards the pedal comes off and lower down to the pedal. Lower only as far as the movement and alignment are controlled. Dismount by facing forward and stepping back.
Foot on chair is externally rotated, foot on pedal is also and you are on the ball of that foot.
Side Lunge: Inhale to bed top leg pressing pedal down. Exhale to press down into Chair top ascending with vertical torso and neutral pelvis.
Sideward Stepdown: Top leg bent at 90Degrees. Inhale to bed outside knee, exhale to straighten. Inside leg remains stable.
* Put Moon box under pedal to decrease amount of hip and knee flexion. *Hang onto the handle or let go of it (arms can be T's or hands behind the head)