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What size plate should you place a dessert on?
The dessert should not touch the rim of the plate and it should be large enough to display the pastry, sauce, and garnish without crowding.
What type of pattern should be on the dessert plate?
The dessert plate should have little or no patterns on the surface of the plate.
What are the five senses that you take into account when plating desserts?
1. sight
2. smell
3. touch
4. sound
5. taste
What do the five senses for plating desserts ask?
1. sight - it is interesting visually?
2. smell - how do the aromas of the food appeal to us.
3. touch - how does it feel when it is cut or scooped.
4. sound - what do we hear when we move our fork through the dessert and when we chew the dessert.
5. taste - how do the flavor combinations appeal to us.
What is one thing that you need to do when considering a plated dessert?
You may need to educate your clientele.
What are the varying components to achieve a successful plated dessert?
1. 3 - 4 flavors
2. 3 tastes
3. 4 textures
4. 3 colors
5. at least 3 shapes or forms
6. a minimum of 2 - 3 temperature differences.