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Define Vr
-Rotation Speed
-60 kts
Define Vx
-Best angle of climb
-70 kts
Define Vy
-Best rate of climb
-80 kts
Define Va
-Designed maneuvering speed
-114 kts
Define Vne
-Never Exceed airspeed
-148 kts
Define Vno
-Maximum structural cruising speed
-121 kts
Define Vfe
-Maximum flaps extended speed
-100 kts
Define Vso
-Stalling speed at full flaps (dirty)
-47 kts
Define Vf1
-Stalling speed with no flaps (clean)
-55 kts
Define airspeed indicator color code
White - flaps extended range
Green - normal operating range
Yellow - caution range
Red - never exceed!!!