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You can directly measure ____ , ____ , ____ but ___ , ____ has to be measured indirectly

*We can directly measure: TBW ECF Plasma*ICF and Interstitial fluid: have to measure indirectly sincethere is no appropriate marker

What is the normal osmolarity?

290 mOsm/L

How much is excreted as urine?


What is GFR?



Renal clearance

Cx = UxV/Px

Cx:clearanceof substance X (the volume of plasma cleared of substance X per unit time)

Ux :urinaryconcentration of substance X

V: urineflow rate (volume per unit time)

Px :plasmaconcentration of substance X

In _______ of RBFRenalblood flow is kept constant over a wide range of arterial pressures by changing the resistance of the _________. In that, there are two mechanisms: ________ , ________.

Autoregulation / afferent arterioles / 1.Myogenichypothesis:2.Tubuloglomerularfeedback