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Identify the facial bone that articulates at a joint instead of a suture:
Identify the blood vessel that runs diagonally across the sternomastoid muscle:
external jugular vein
The isthmus of the thyroid gland lies just below the:
cricoid cartilage
Cluster headaches may be brought on by:
alcohol and daytime napping
Possible malignancy could be indicated by:
Providing resistance whil the patient shrugs the shoulders is a test of the status of cranial nerve:
If the thyroid gland is enlarged bilaterally, what maneuver is appropriate?
listen for bruits over the thyroid lobes
It is normal to palpate a few lymph nodes in the neck of a healthy person. What are the characteristics of these nodes?
mobile, soft, and tender
Cepahlhematoma is associated with:
subperiosteal hemorrhage
Normal cervical lymph nodes are:
smaller than 1 cm
A throbbing, unilateral pain associated with nausea, vomiting, and photophobia is characteristic of:
migraine headache
Preauricular lymph nodes are located:
in front of the ear
Posterior auricular lymph nodes are located:
superficial to the mastoid process
Occipital lymph nodes are located:
at the base of the skull
Submental lymph nodes are located:
behind the tip of the mandible
Jugulodigastric lymph nodes are located:
under the angle of the mandilbe
Superficial cervical lymph nodes are located:
overlying the sternomastoid muscle
Deep cervical lymph nodes are located:
deep under the the sternomastoid muscle
Posterior cervical lymph nodes are located:
in the posterior triangle along the edge of the trapezius muscle
Supraclavicular lymph nodes are located:
above and behind the clavicle