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symbol for negation


symbol for conjunction


symbol for disjunction


symbol for conditional


symbol for biconditional

triple bar

a conjunction will only be ___ when...

true, when each conjunct is true

a disjunction will only be ___ when...

false, when each disjunct is false

a conditional will be ___ when...

false, when the antecedent is true and the consequent is false

a biconditional is ___ when...

true, both p and q have the same truth values

contingent statements are what?

neither necessarily true not necessarily false

noncontingent statements are?

either always true (tautology) or always false (self-contradictory)

logical equivalence

when 2 truth-functional statements have identical truth tables under the main operator

modus ponens form

modus tollens form

hypothetical syllogism form

disjunctive syllogism form

constructive dilemma form

simplification form

conjunction form

addition form