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Casual Sense
I caused something to happen, i am morally responsible
Rule Following sense
just taking orders
decision making sense
Must be reasonable, feeling and emotions are not to be considered, and take into account the interest of othrers
1. going the first mile, fufilling duty
2. does not require self-sacrifice
3. share equally with others
1. going the second mile
2. sharing
greko-judeo-christian world view
-to serve god and others
-to work with nature and common god
-power and wealth is opportunity is for service
Kosmos world view
-power is to dominate
-power over nature to produce good and creature comforts
-power and wealth are measures of success
-happiness is achieved by acquiring possessions
Jeremy Bentham
-founder of traditional utilitarianism
-man is under the dominance of pain and pleasure
John Stuart Mill
-disciple of Bentham
-married Harriet Taylor
-pioneers of women's rights
-added to be good and beneficial to Bentham's def.
It seeks the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people or the least amount of unhappiness for the least amount of people
Tangible desirables or pleasures
homes, cars, wealth, education, plush office
intangible desires
health, freedom, love, long life, and peace of mind
tangible undesirables
pain, sickness, death, homelessness
intangible undesirables
loneliness, bitterness and hatred, rejection, and unforgiveness
Consequentialists theory
the ends justify the means
results make something ethical
Utility-short term error
considering only immediate consequences and not the ultimacy of the situation
Act utilitarian
-flexible or spontaneous utility
-don't believe in company rules
-every situation is unique
Rule Utilitarian
leadership is required to follow company policy
Difficulties applying utilitarian
-difficult to calculate intangibles (price of freedom, etc.)
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
doing the right thang
-opposite to utility, ends do not justify means
-emphasis on duty
-Company policy
-----Universability-can everyone do the same
-----Reversablity-would i be willing to accept this thing being done to me
-Autonomy (full disclosure)
---give sufficient info.
---let other make their own choices
---would it be accepted by rational law givers
---would i want it in the newspaper
Prima facie
"first sight"
-breaking a promise to save a life
Human Rights Standard
No action should violate another person's fundamental human rights
1st ammendment
14th ammendment
due process amendment
-rules of bringing up charges to an employee
employment at will
-right to fire or demote employees at will
Welfare Rights
aka Moral rights
-food, housing, employment, education, and health care
Limitations of Human Rights
-rights are disruptive to society
-my rights violate another's rights
firing (personna non-grata)
-gross insubordination
-corporate espionage
-damaging company reputation
-poor job performance
-failure to fulfill expectations
-personna non-grata
-subject to recall when economic conditions improve
-not personna non-grata
-not relocation
position elimination
downsizing (not personna non-grata)
-person is offered position at another company location
Original Position
Start everyone with the same salary
Veil of Ignorance
No one in the company would know each other starting off
Principle of Equal Liberty
aka-maximum liberty
-1st amendment rights
The Difference Principle
the least advantaged are better off with the inequalities than they would be otherwise
-oppurtunity to move up

least advantaged
Equal Oppurtunity Principle
Maximin Principle
"best of the worst"
Worst off Principle Principle
-small benefit to the worst off is morally higher than a large benefit to the more advantaged
Justice as Egalitarianism
everyone is equal (socialism)
-ignores talents, abilities, education, and effort
Classist (Bourgeoisie vs proletariat)
-believed capitalism promoted waged slaves
One of God's Creation Principle
-entrepreneurship (Dominion Principle)
"work-shaped" vacuum
need to work to fill a hole