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a patient has been overdosed with an irreversible AChE? how do you help them
1. maintain vital signs
2. remove patient from exposure
3. atropine
4. 2-PAM

you can prolong the time to get help by giving a reversible AChE to block the binding site so the irreversible AChE wont bind
a patient has a hard trauma with consequent damage to their parasympathetic sacral nerve? what drugs can you use to substitute?
cholinergic agonist
example: bethanechol
what is the mechanism for succinylcholine
neuromuscular blocking agent
1. depolarizing the NMJ
2. desensitize the nAChR because AChE can't break it down
when compared to rocuronium, tubocurarine...
what can be used to dephosphorylate AChE
what is the mechanism for pilocarpine
activate parasympathetic organs secondary to stimulating ganglionic receptors
anticholinergic (atropine) should NOT be used for a gastric ulcer because
it is not selective for decreasing stomach acid production and it inhibits gastric acid being emptied from the stomach
reserpine acts by...
depleting the reservoirs of norepinephrine from the nerve terminal
cholinergic agents will have effects that overlap with
anticholinesterase drugs
propranolol is CONTRAINDICATED in patients with
1. hyperthyroidism
2. congestive heart failure
3. asthma
4. diabetes
mechanism by which phenylephrine treats paroxysmal atrial tachycardia is...
phenylphrine will increase blood pressure through stimulation of alpha 1 receptors, which leads to a reflex bradycardia
muscarine stimulates what receptor sites?
parasympathetic organs and tissues
what alpha antagonist binds IRREVERSIBLY to alpha 1 receptors
what is an anticipated effect of a beta 1 blocker (atenolol)
basically beta blocker effects

1. decreased heart rate
2. decreased renin release
3. decreased blood pressure
4. decreased contractility
beta receptors would be expected to down regulate with the chronic administration of what
BETA AGONIST like albuterol
what are the beta 1 blockers

1. acebutolol
2. nebivolol
3. atenolol
4. metoprolol
5. esmolol
what are the non selective beta blockers
1. propranolol
2. penbutolol
3. pindolol
4. carvedilol
5. labetalol
6. nadolol
7. timolol
what is a CONTRAINDICATION of albuterol?

what other drugs have the same contraindications
1. hypertension
2. coronary artery disease
3. congestive heart failure
4. diabetes

terbutaline, ritodrine, albuterol, metaproterenol
what is a beta 1 agonist
what class of drug is isoproterenol
non selective beta agonist
the primary variable in the cardiovascular system that is controlled by the ANS is...
mean arterial pressure
what is norepinephrine selective for
alpha agonist
beta 1 agonist
what is an alpha 1 agonist that can be administered systemically as a pressor agent
what are the indirect acting sympathomimetics
1. amphetamine
2. methamphetamine
3. methylphenidate
4. pemoline
what is the mechanism for phenylpropanolamine
induces catecholamine release
what are the cholinergic agonist?
1. acetylcholine
2. methacholine
3. carbachol
4. bethanechol

1. muscarine
2. pilocarpine
3. nicotine
what is the selectivity for phenylephrine and methoxamine
alpha 1 selective agonist
what is the selectivity for clonidine
alpha 2 selective agonist
what is the selectivity for norephinephrine
non selective alpha agonist
beta 1 selective agonist
what is the selectivity for epinephrine
non selective alpha agonist
non selective beta agonist
what is the selectivity for dobutamine
beta 1 selective agonist
what is the selectivity for isoproterenol
non selective beta agonist
what is TRAM?
beta 2 selective agonist

what is phenotolamine
non selective alpha antagonist
what is phenoxybenzamine
alpha 1 antagonist
what drugs are alpha 1 selective antagonist
1. tamsulosin
2. prazosin
3. terazosin
4. doxazosin

phenoxybenzamine not as selective as above