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Which Drug form is most rapidly absorbed by the GI tract
Enteric-coated tablets are absorbed from the
Usually food has what effect on drug dissolution and absorption
Intereferes with
The sequence of the four processes of pharmacokinetics is
absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
Drugs that pass rapidly through the GI membrane include
lipid soluble non-ionized
The factors that most commonly affect drug action are
poor circulation, pain, stress, hunger and fasting
E.T is taking a drug that is highly protein bound. Several days later, ET takes a second drug that is 90% protein bound. What happens to the first drug?
More of the first drug is released from the protein and becomes more pharmacologically active
The major site of drug metabolism is the
The route for drug absorption that has the greatest bioavailability is
The serum half-life of a drug is the time that
after absorption for half of the drug to be eliminated
Drugs with a half-life of 24-30 hours would probably be administered on a dose schedule of
once a day
For elimination through the kidneys to be possible, a drug must
be water-soluble
Mrs. T has a renal disorder. Her creatnine clearance is 40ml/min. Her drug dose should be.
The biologic activity of a drug is determined by the
fit of the drug at the receptor site
Drugs that prevent or inhibit a response are known as
A receptor located in different parts of the body may initiate a variety of responses depending on its anatomic site. The receptor is
non specific
The valid indicator that measures the margin of safety of the drug is its
therapeutic index
Drugs with narrow therapeutic ranges, such as digoxin (0.5-2mcg/ml) require plasma serum drug level monitoring to avoid toxicity when
at periodic intervals
After drug administration the highest plasma/serum concentration of the drug at a specific time is called
peak level
Before the administration of a medication the nurse should check a drug reference book or the drug pamphlet to obtain all the following pertinent data except the:
Maximum efficacy
Physiologic effects not related to the desired effects that can be predictable or associated with the use of a drug are called
side effects
When an immediate drug response is desired, a large intial dose is given rapidly to achieve an MEC in the plasma. This is called the:
loading dose
A time response curve evaluates three parameters of drug action, which does not include:
The therapeutic range
Nursing interventions concerning drug therapy include the following
assessing for side effects of drugs, especially those that are non-selective, checking drug reference books for dosage ranges, side effects, half lifes, protein binding percentage and teaching the client to wait a week after the occurence of signs and symptoms to see if they disappear
A low protein level in the blood decreases the number of protein biniding sites and causes an increase in amount of free drug in the plasma, potenitally resulting in drug overdose Name some examples of causes of low protein levels
Malnutrition, elderly patients
Which of the following statements are true: <A> Drugs are absorbed faster in acidic fluid <B> The very young have decreased gastric acidity <C> The elderly have increased gastric acidity <D> Liquid drugs are more rapidly available for GI absorption than solids <E> Tablets are 100% drug
A, B, D
Risk for injury is included in which phase of the nursing process
potential nursing diagnoses
Obtain clients weight to be used for furture comparison is included in which phase of the nursing process
The client will receive adequate nutritional support through enteral feedings is included in which phase of the nursing process
The client will be free from hyperactivity is included in which phase of the nursing process
Instruct the client to avoid caffeine-containing foods is included in which phase of the nursing process
Evaluate effectiveness of drug therapy is included in which phase of the nursing process
Sleep pattern disturbance is included in which phase of the nursing process
potential nursing diagnosis
Advise client to report adverse reactions such as nausea and severe vomitting to health care provider; drug choice or dosage may need modification is included in which phase of the nursing process
Anxiety is included in which phase of the nursing process
potential nursing diagnosis
Instruct client not to discontinue medication abruptly is included in which phase of the nursing process
The nurse is developing a teaching plan for the client. Which of the following are suggested to be included? <A>Actively involve the client <B> Provide written instructions at appropriate level for the client <C> Consider using a variety of media <D> Discourage questions from the client and family <E> Provide time for return demonstration
A, B, C, E
Factors commonly resulting in nonadherence with a drug therapy plan include: <A> Forgetfullness, <B> Knowledge deficit, <C> motivation, <D> Side effects, <E> Language barrier
A, B, D, E
The order to give multivitamins 2 caps po daily is an example of what category of drug order
J.T. has an order to receive Demerol 100mg, IM STAT. This is an example of what category of drug order?
When you calculate the dosage for J.B.'s cardiac medication, the drug dose is "large" The best initial action for you to take is
Check your calculation
The preferred way to correct a charting error is to
Draw a single line through incorrect information and initial
You read the chart that R.T is allergic to one of his prescribed medications. Your first nursing action is to
withold the medication and call the MD
One of A.A's medications is in a liquid form. You pour the medication with the container at eye level and read the meniscus at what point
low part of the curve
Your client is not wearing an ID band, What should be your first nursing action
Report your finding and have ID band put on client
Universal Precautions require that you do all of the following except
do not cap needles, cap needles, wash hands, wear gloves
Before storing unused stable solutions from open vials in the refrigerator, the nurse should write what on the label
date and time vial opened; initials
When a pt refuses to take a medication the nurse must
document reason not taken