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Define shock

decreased perfusion of tissues

4 STAGES of shock are?

1. initial

2. compensatory

3. progressive

4. refractory

5 TYPES of shock are?

1. hypovolemic

2. anaphylaxis

3. cardiogenic

4. neurogenic

5. septic

Signs of shock are?

- confusion

- temp, HR and RR raised

- dehydration

- urine output decreased

- cyanosis

- anxious

- breathless: due to increase in co2

- hypo/hyper NA

What is hypovolemic shock?

loss of circulating blood volume

what is anaphylaxis shock?

severe antibody reaction

what is cardiogenic shock

as a result of change in cardio function / impaired ability of the heart to pump

what is neurogenic shock

shock within the brain

post cva / bleed

results from altered sympathetic tone

what is septic shock

body fighting foreign body and bp drops

abnormalities in cellular metabolism

what do hormones regulate?

body function

what is sepsis

systemic inflammatory response

name 3 types of leukocytes

1. granulocytes

2. lymphocytes

3. macrophages

name 3 types of granulocytes (which is a leukocyte)

1. neutrophils

2. eosinophils

3. basophils

name 2 types of lymphocytes

B cells

T cells

what do phagocytes do?

remove foreign invaders by phagocytosis

what is mods

multi organ dysfunction syndrome

sepsis 6 is

1. high flow 02

2. antibiotics

3. fluids

4. lactate

5. urine output

6. blood cultures