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Sensory supply of eye includes lacrimal nerve, frontal nerve which divides into supratrochlear and supra orbital & nasociliary nerve which have following branches : 1. Long ciliary nerves 2. Short ciliary nerves 3.Ant ethmoidal 4. Post ethmoidal 5. Infratrochlear nerve

Motor supply of eye : through 3rd 4th 6th and branches of 7 th cranial nerves

Parasympathetic supply

Edinger Westphal nucleus : preganglionic fibres through trigeminal nerve to ciliary and accessory ganglion. Short ciliary nerves from ciliary ganglion and postganglionic fibres from accessory ganglion supply different muscles.

Salivatory nucleus(fibres from facial nerve to sphenopalatine ganglion and postganglionic fibres to lacrimal gland)

Roots of ciliary ganglion (sensory sympathetic : from internal carotid plexus &fibres do not relay here

and parasympathetic)

Sympathetic supply need review

Arterial supply of eye

Opthalmic artery

Central retinal artery

Supraorbital artery

Lateral and medial rectal artery


Main venous channels

Superior orbital vein