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T or F.

Among Ford's many contributions was the introduction of mass production, using the concept of interchangeable parts and division of labor.
Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for control purposes are called--
T or F.

Operations Management activities will be less important in the future because many firms are becoming service-oriented operations rather than goods producing operations.
False, Operations management is just as important for service firms.
Product design and process selection are examples of _______ decisions.
System Design.
What is credited with gains in industrial productivity, increased standards of living and affordable products?
Assembly lines.

>>Mass production has played a prominent role in increasing standards of living.
Modern firms increasingly rely on other firms to supply goods and services instead of doing these tasks themselves. This increased level of _____________ is leading to increased emphasis on ____________ management.
internationalization; intercultural
offshoring; lean
downsizing; total quality
optimizing; inventory
outsourcing; supply chain
Outsourcing; supply chain.
Which of the following is a recent trend in business?

technological change
pollution control
supply chain management
total quality management
competition from foreign manufacturers
Supple Chain Management
Production systems with customized outputs typically have relatively:
high amount of specialized equipment
fast work movement
skilled workers
low unit costs
high volumes of output
Skilled Workers.
T or F.

One concern in the design of production systems is the degree of standardization.
-----Which is long term: system design or system operations?
System Design.
What type of decisions are involved in system design?
Facility location
Facility layout
Product and service planning
Acquisition and placement of equipment
Is system operations short term?
What type of decisions are involved in system operations?
Management of personnel
Inventory management and control
Project management
Quality assurance
Which do managers spend more time in: system operations decisions or system design decisions?
System operations decision
T or F.

System operation decisions plays a vital stake in system design.