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Who wrote the first history
Omega Psi Phi?
Big Brother
Herman Dreer
what was the name of the first chapter? When and where was is it organized?
Alpha Chapter
15 December 1911
At Howard Univ.
How many chapter did OPP have at the end of the first decade? In how many states?
chapters: 28
States: 14
An attorney that fought for Negro rights and was killed in St. Louis, MS
Homer G. Phillips
Graduate of Yale Law and the 21st Grand Basileus that re-organized the names of the chapters?
J. Alston Akins
In 1922, How many chapter did OPP have? How many were graduate chapters?
29 total
8 graduate
Responsible for the administrative reformation of the Frat?
Grand Basileus
Campbell C. Johnson
In 1960, how many total chapters did OPP have? undergrad? grad?
Undergrad: 108
Graduate: 178
total: 286
What year was the first Oracle printed?
Who was the first Grand Basileus to be elected that was already a famous lawyer?
George L. Vaughn
The uniform record system of the Frat and the chapters was started under which two members? (name/title)
Daniel Taylor- Grand Keeper of Finance
George L. Vaughn- Grand Basileus
First Negro to participate in the Olympics National Championship for sprinting?
Dehart Hubbered
First Negros to be elected to the National YMCA Board?
J. Alston Atkins & Herbert Marshall
Who designed escutcheon for the Fraternity?
Fredrick Alston
Founder of the Association of Collegiate Deans and Registrar.
Theophilus McKinney
First Negro administrative in the Red Cross?
Jesse O. Thomas
Former president of Dillard Univ. that became Grand Basileus in 1938 and subscribed OPP's first $500 life membership into NAACP.
A. W. Dent
First Negro General in the US Army.
Benjamin O. Davis
Percy Julian Distinguished himself as a ......
Research chemist
Discovered blood plasma...
Charles R. Drew
...Made directors of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Sydenham hospital
Peter Murray
Distinguished himself as a Pennsylvania Politician and was later elected to the House of Rep.
Robert Nix
Grand Basileus of the 4th decade
17th- Z. Alexander Looby
18th- Campbell C. Johnson
19th- Harry T. Penn (Gamma Alpha)
20th- Milo C. Murray
state of maturity and discipline one reaches in order to accept the responsibilities and consequences of life
the pursuit and use of knowledge so one can excel socially and academically
determination to confront and overcome mental and physical barriers
using one's strength to boost the spirit, moral and position of one's fellow man
friendships is essential to the soul
First 5 Grand Basileus
1. Edgar A. Love
2. Oscar J. Cooper
3. Edgar A. Love
4. George E. Hall
5. James C. McMorries
First Official Frat Hymn
"Omega Men Draw Nigh" by
Otton Bohannon
Honorable Big Brother
Dr. Ernest E. Just
(1883-1941) born Charleston, SC
Grad from Industrial School of State College (Phi Beta Kappa)
Honorable Big Brother
Professor Frank Coleman
(1890-1967) born Washington D.C received BS for science from Howard. Head of the Physics dept. at HU. was an Army officer in WW1.
Honorable Big Brother
Dr.Oscar J. Cooper
(1888-1972) Born Washington DC. Received BS from HU in 1913 and Dr of Med from HU 1917. Practiced for 50yrs
Honorable Big Brother
Bishop Edgar A. Love
(1891-1974) born Harrissonburg, VA US Army Chaplin in WW1 and a Bishop of a Methodist church
District Rep.
Robert C Warren
1st Vice D.R
Ezekiel "Zeke" Dennison Jr
2nd Vice D.R
Donnel Jones
District K.R.S
Antonio Coleman
District K.F
Wm. Terry Calhoun
District Counselor
Vincent Robertson Esq
District Editor/Public Relations
Belford "Scott" Wilson
District Chaplin
Rev. James Edwards lll
Immediate Past D.R
Anthony Knight
Frank B. Patterson & Rayford L. Harris, Sr.
Willard O. Jasper
Lyndon Roane
Emmanuel McCrae
District Auditor
Brad Hunter
2012 District Marshall
Otis Jordan
2013 District Marshall
Stanley McMillian
What two people wrote "Omega Dear"?
Mercer Cook and Charles Drew