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Name 3 key processes

-Developing Skills

-Making and applying skills (Decision making)

-Developing physical and mental capacity

-Make informed choices about a healthy lifestyle

-Evaluating and improving

Name the 5 components of fitness

1.Stamina (Cardiovascular Endurance)




5.Muscular Endurance

Effects of smoking on your body ? Name 2

-Heart rate increases

-Blood pressure increases

-Carbon monoxide increases inside the body (Less oxygen is carried around the body)

-Increased release of dopamine around the body

Ways of testing a person's readiness for exercise

-Perform fitness tests (bleep test, cooper run)

-Healthing screening

What are the fitness test for speed, strength and flexibility ?

Speed - 30m acceleration test

Strength - hand grip dynometer

Flexibility - sit and reach test

What does the Cooper run and the sit up and press up tests test ?

Cooper run - cardiovascular endurance

Sit up and press up - muscular endurance

Name 5 things that a warm-up does to your body

-Releases adrenalin

-Raises pulse

-Makes muscles warm and makes them more strechy

-Increases mobility of joint due to releasing of synovial fluid

-Gets you mentally prepared

-Reduces risk of injury

-Increases body temperature

-Increases blood flow around body

-Prepares the energy systems

Name 3 pathways into sport

1- Regular involvement in PE

2- Taking part in extra-curricular clubs and classes

3- Becoming a umpire/referee/ officiator

4- Reaching a high standard of sport

5- Volunteering to join sport

6- Involved in challenging tasks

What is a barrier to sport ?

Something that stops an individual from playing/ participating in sport

Name 3 indicators of health and well-being

1- Satisfaction with aspects of life

2- Frequency of positive/ negative feelings

3- Frequency of feelings or activities which may have a positive/ negative impact on well-being

4- Access to green space

5- Level of participation in other activities

6- Positive mental health

Why are boys more likely to have a higher participation rate in sport ?

-More interested in sport

-They like to play out with their mates

-Go out after school

-More boys clubs to join with their friends

Name 4 barriers to participation

1- Age

2- Disability

3- Time

4- Access/ transport

How do school influence pupils to participate in sport ?

-PE lessons every week

-Sport trips

-GCSE courses

-Better knowledge of coaching


-No vending machines

-Healthy food available

Name the 7 main food groups








Name an example of food that provides a high amount of carbs and another food that provides a high amount of fibre

Carbs - doughnuts, pasta, chocolate, fruits

Fibre - Bran flakes, cabbage, raspberries

Name 5 reasons of a cool down

-Stops stiffness from starting

-Removes lactic acid quickly

-Reduces breathing rate

-Relaxes the body

-Slows heart rate back down to resting pace

-Prevents injury

-Prevents blood pooling

-Loosens the joints

Define blood pressure

It is a measurement of the the outward force exerted by the blood on the walls of the vessels

Performing pilates can improve what ?

Improves core strength and posture. It also tones muscles and improves flexibility

Name the 3 eating disorders

1- Anorexia nervosa

2- Bulimia

3- Compulsive eating disorder

Who are the 3 main decision makers




Why do we need to keep rules ?

-Keeps the game fair

-Could make the game boring

-Stops injuries

-Controls the game

Name 5 words that can be used to describe a skilful performance






-Flows well

-Good technique




-Looks good

What are 3 key characteristics of a skilful movement





-Aesthetic (looks good)

Name 3 effects of using illegal steroids

-Able to train for longer/ more often (increases muscular endurance

-Faster recovery

-Makes you move quicker/stronger (increases muscles mass)

-Affects your mental health (increased aggression)

-Affects your physical health (more likely to have a liver disease/cancer/infection)

-Disqualified if caught

-Increased blood pressure

Name 3 effects of blood doping

-Increases cardiovascular endurance

-Increase in red blood cells, means a increase in the uptake of oxygen

-Higher risk of infections

-Affects physical health

Define sportsmanship

Ethical, polite and fair behaviour during, before and after participation in games

Define gamesmanship

Using different tactics and ploys in order to gain an advantage in a game so that you win

Give 4 examples of sportsmanship

-Show appreciation to officials

-Play fairly

-Not bending the rules in order to win

-Show respect to opponents

-Not over celebrating

-Showing concern after hurting someone

Define etiquette

Code of being polite in society when during a game. Includes unwritten rules