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What is a Network
A network is a group of computers connected together
What does a Network allow computers to do?


Share files

Share software

Share peripherals


Local Area Network

A network which spreads across one geographical site.


Wide Area Network

A network which spreads across multiple geographical sites.

Hardware to connect a LAN

Network cards




Wireless access points

Wireless transmitters/receivers


Hardware to connect WAN

Modem to send/receive the data

Telephone lines or satellites

Network Security

LANs are said to be more secure as they are far less subject to interception

A wireless connection is much less secure than a wired connection

Serial Transmission

Transmits data between devices one bit at a time down a single wire

Parallel Transmission
Transmits multiple bits of data using more than one wire


Data is only ever sent in one direction

(Full) Duplex

When data is sent in both directions

Half Duplex

Data can be passed in both directions but only one direction at a time

Bit rate

The number of bits that can be sent in one second