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What was the setting?

1800s and Northern Minnesota

Who are the main characters?

Oona, her mom and dad and grandparents and A-wa-sa-si

What was the tension ?

Moving and the white people

What are some of the themes?

Story of them moving and trying to keep their story's going, and survival, and difference between cultures.

What are some symbolism?

Tobacco - Because they use it for blessings, they begin ceremonies with it and gave as gifts, and it's sacred. Lodges - Safety, family, the old and the new lives.

What is oral traditions?

Passing down, value and beliefs and history. Because they had no where to write them down so they can keep them going through the generations.

What are 7 Ojibway teachings?

Humble, Kindness, Love, Trust, Wisdom, Respect, Truth, Courage

Why did she want to write the book?

For her kids and grandkids and probably other wanted to know story's like this one to.

When was Oona born?

During an eclipse

What is Oona pwer?

She is a dreamer

Why did they move the first time?

Because they wanted to avoid the white people and half of them stayed and the other half left and they went to the rainy country.