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Who is Romeo Bragato?
Austrian viticulturalist from Victoria. Responsible for mapping most of New Zealand's winegrowing regions and educating growers on the merits of grafting onto American rootstock.
Who is James Busby?
French minister involved in early viticultural efforts in Australia's New South Wales. He ended up planting Spanish and French cuttings in Northland in 1830.
What troubles did New Zealand encounter in the first half of the 20th century with regards to developing a wine industry? What was the most planted grape in NZ in 1960?
Temperance movement combined with strong imports. Alcohol sales restrictions promoted Abstinence, with bar sales mandatorily stopping after 6pm in order to get womens' husbands home early. Restaurants weren't even allowed to sell wine until 1960. Most viticulturalists planted hybrid grapes to reduce their risk. If Prohibition came to pass, they could sell table grapes. Thus, the most planted grape in NZ in 1960 was Albany Surprise.
What is New Zealand's largest winegrowing company? What parent company owns it now? What other brands does it own and produce?
Montana, owned by Pernod-Ricard NZ now. Montana also produces Brancott Estate, Deutz NZ, Lindauer Wines (sparkling wines, most exported wine in Australia)
What are NZ's top grape varieties in order of plantings?

1. Sauvignon Blanc

2. Pinot Noir

3. Chardonnay

4. Pinot Gris

5. Merlot

6. Riesling

7. Cabernet Sauvignon

8. Gewurztraminer

The North Island of New Zealand lies on the same latitude as what Australian region?

Is the North or South Island of NZ a larger landmass?
South Island
What mountain range forms a rain shadow along the Western side of the Southern Island?
Southern Alps
Where is the Tasman Sea?
Lies between Australia and New Zealand

What is the Cook Straight?
The narrow body of water that separates the South Island of New Zealand from the North Island.
How does the climate vary from the South to the North Island?
The North island is warmer, and rainier.
What is the Southernmost wine-growing region in the world?
Central Otago...45th parallel South
Is mechanical harvesting common in New Zealand?
Yes, there is a lot of flat land and a lack of cheap labor available.
Who was the first producer in NZ to bottle a wine under screwcap?
Kim Crawford
Are there any laws regarding enrichment or acidification in NZ?
What is NZ's smallest area of production?

Waikato is synonymous with what New Zealand region?

Waikato/Bay of Plenty

What is New Zealand's largest city?
What are the subregions of Auckland?




Waiheke Island

South Auckland

Where is Waiheke Island?
Part of Auckland, grows Bordeaux blends and enjoys a singular, sunny dry climate on its Western side.

Which region produces the most wine?


Waikato/Bay of Plenty


Auckland produces more than double the wine that the other two regions produce. 406ha under vine.
Villa Maria is headquartered where in New Zealand?

Poverty Bay is also known as
What is the largest region on the North Island?
Hawkes Bay....2nd in the country to Marlborough....Gisborne is 3rd
What is the North Island's driest climate?
Hawke's Bay

Which region is the largest producer of red wines in New Zealand? Leading red grape in this region?

Hawke's Bay

Merlot dominates Hawke's Bay's red plantings

What are the Hawke's Bay subregions?

River Valleys:

Mohaka, Esk River Valley, Tutaekuri River Valley, Ngaruroro River Valley

Coastal Areas:

Te Awanga, Northern Esk Valley

Alluvial Plains:

Korokipo, Bridge Pa, Gimblett Gravels, Ohiti, Dartmoor Valley


Havelock North

Chardonnay is the most planted grape in what North Island region?

What is the first region to see the new day's sun?

Wellington, the capital city of NZ and its 2nd largest population center, is in what region?

What is the best region for Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc on the North Island?
Martinborough in Wairarapa
What are the three subregions of Wairarapa? What is the most planted grape here?

1. Martinborough

2. Masterton

3. Gladstone

Pinot Noir is the most planted grape here. Sauvignon Blanc follows in a close second place.

Who produces "The Terraces"?
Esk Valley out of Hawke's Bay. Super-Premium Merlot/Malbec/CF blend.
Trinity Hill is a quality producer out of what region?
Hawke's Bay
Who produces the The Quarry and Le Sol?
Both of these are Gimblett Gravels wines out of Hawke's Bay. Both are produced by Craggy Range. The Quarry is a Cabernet Sauvignon blend and Le Sol is a Syrah.
Kumeu River is both a producer and subregion out of what major region?
Auckland, also a subregion of Auckland
What is the northernmost region on the south island?
Nelson, making it New Zealand's sunniest region, but also the rainiest region on the south island.
What is the South Island's smallest production region?

What company, with its subsidiaries included, controls nearly 2/3 of Marlborough's vineyards?
Montana, with Brancott and Fairhall
What is the largest exported wine brand in New Zealand?
Is dry-farming common in Marlborough?
No, irrigation is widespread. Water shortage is actually becoming a problem.
What are the subregions of Nelson?

1. Waimea Plains

2. Upper Moutere (Moutere Hills)

3. Motueka

4. Takaka (Golden Bay)

Where are the Tasman Mountains?
South Island, upper west side. Second highest peak on South Island behind Cook Mountain.
Where is the Richmond Range?
Divides Marlborough and Nelson.
What are the subregions of Marlborough?

Wairau Valley

Southern Valleys

Awatere Valley

What is the second most planted grape in Marlborough?
Pinot Noir at 11% of plantings
What are the subregions of Canterbury, New Zealand's fastest growing region?

Waipara Valley (most vineyards are here)

Canterbury Plains

The majority of Canterbury's vineyards are in what subregion?
Waipara Valley
What is the only region in NZ to experience a truly continental climate? The rest experience mostly maritime.
Central Otago, bigger temperature swings /diurnal shifts
What are the chief viticultural hazards for Central Otago?

Spring Frost

Achieving ripeness in the cool climate

(Fungus and rot not a problem. Low humidity)

Name the Central Otago subregions.

From West to East:

1. Gibbston

2. Wanaka

3. Cromwell Basin

4. Bannockburn

5. Bendigo

6. Alexandra Basin

Name four top producers from Central Otago.

1. Rippon

2. Mount Difficulty

3. Felton Road

4. Perregrine

What are the subregions of Waikato/Bay of Plenty?

Te Kauwhata

Te Awamatu

Coromandel Peninsula

Lake Taupo



Christchurch is a city in what New Zealand region?
Canterbury. Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island
Who produces Clos de Ste. Anne?
Millton out of Gisborne. Pinot Noir. Demeter certified biodynamic.
Who owns Kim Crawford?
Constellation NZ
What two major cities are in Hawke's Bay?
Napier and Hastings
What factors contribute to the Gimblett Gravels climate?
The Ruahine and Kaweka Ranges shield Hawke's Bay from the westerly winds and rains. Gimblett Gravels has heat retaining, well-drained, deep shingle soils perfect for ripening Bordeaux grapes and Syrah.
Dry River, Ata Rangi, Escarpment, Voss, Palliser, and Schubert are producers out of what region of NZ?
Martinborough, Wairarapa, NZ.
Where is Waitaki Valley?
North Otago region that has spun off as its own thing. Limestone soils are promising as they match Burgundy's.
Name three great vintages for Hawke's Bay in the last twenty years.

2014, 2013, 2009, 2007, 1998 (so hot and dry they had to truck the sheep over the Ruahine and Kaweka Mountains to greener pastures.)

These were all years that proved the comparisons between Hawke's Bay wines and the greats.

Name two years to avoid in New Zealand over the last 15yrs.
2003 and 2012 (one of the coolest on record)
What region is protected by Eastern winds by the Teviotdale Hills?
Waipara Valley in Canterbury.

Where is Pegasus Bay?

The Bay outside of Christchurch in Canterbury, also adjacent to Waipara Valley

What are the subregions of Gisborne?

1. Golden Slope

2. Ormond

3. Ormond Valley

4. Manutuke

5. Central Valley

6. Riverpoint

7. Patutahi

8. Patutahi Plateau

9. Waipaoa