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Gate valves should not be used to ?

A. Start flow

B. Stop flow

C. Throttle flow

D. Control an on/off process

Throttle flow

If you wanted to start and stop low pressure two way flow in a paper mill, you would use a ____ valve?

A. Check

B. Butterfly

C. Knife gate

D. Needle

Knife gate valve

Which of the following valves is a rotary - action valve?

A. Gate

B. Needle

C. Globe

D. Ball

Ball valve

Which of the following valves is easily adapted to multiport construction?

A. Gate

B. Plug

C. Globe

D. Knife

Plug valve

A globe valve that closes against the direction of fluid flow is said to be ?

A. Flow-to-close

B. Flow-to-open

C. Fail-to-open

D. Fail-to-close

Flow to open

One disadvantage of the globe valve is ?

A. High head loss

B. Inability to regulate flow

C. High seat leakage

D. Inability to serve in quick-acting start-stop applications

High head loss

When looking at an illustration of valve plug and seat installation , if the taper of the plug goes from wide to narrow from top to bottom, the plug must travel ?

A. Up to close, down to open

B. Down to close, up to open

C. Down to close, down to open

D. Up to close, up to open

Down to close, up to open

Which valves discharge conditions are so favorable that many control valves are based on it?

A. Gate

B. Plug

C. Globe

D. Butterfly


A needle valve may be used when an application requires?

A. Fine adjustment of flow

B. Coarse adjustment of flow

C. On -off control

D. Slurry flow

Fine adjustment of flow

Relief valves are normally used in liquid services ?

A. True

B. False


A swing check valve requires a counter weight if used in a ____ application ?

A. Horizontal

B. Vertical

C. Steam

D. Liquid


The fail safe position of any automatically actuated valve is the closed position ?

A. True

B. False


When you choose among valves , you would find the largest pressure drop in the ____ valve?

A. Globe

B. Gate

C. Ball

D. Butterfly

Globe valve

If a gate valve has a flow arrow indicated on it, it is because the gate valve has a _______?

A. Single gate

B. Double gate

C. Bridgewall marking

D. Vent port

Vent port

Fitting that are marked Lh on the outside wall indicates ??

A. Low heat

B. Liquid hydrogen only

C. Left- hand threads

D. Low hardening material

Left- hand threads