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Where is the best location for leveling a crane?
When determining the a gross load the best method is:
Get an accurate load weight and add the rigging.
By order of hitch strength, which is the correct answer?
Basket, vertical, choker
What is the purpose of using a Jib?
To increase height
When taking a side strain on a boom, what concerns the operator most?
Boom damage
You should always have at least how many wraps on a hoist drum?
On a load chart, values above the bold line mean:
Capacities based on structural competence.
The primary purpose for a rooster sheave or Auxiliary boom point sheave is to:
Separate the hoist lines.
What is the proper procedure when using an insulating link or a boot near power lines?
Be sure to maintain the correct allowable distance from the lines. OSHA
When the number of layers of rope on a drum increases the:
Allowable line pull decreases
What is the minimum allowable distance from the crane and powerlines under 50kV?
10 ft.
The term Upperworks or Superstructure refer to the area of the crane:
above the turntable
Side loading my be cause by:
Starting or stopping the swing to rapidly.
What is the best procedure to follow when underground utilities may be present?
Contact local utility company
Eccentric main boom tip reeving causes:
Twisting of the boom
How many randomly broken wires must there be to remove a running wire rope from service?
When lifting personnel in a man basket using 6 X 19 wire rope, the minimum safety factor is?
What is the safety factor required when using non-rotating wire rope and lifting personnel in a man basket?
Who has the responsibility for determining the correct weight of a load?
When working near powerlines when is a signal person required?
When crane moves within a booms length of the powerline
When an operator leaves the crane, he must first:
Put the load on the ground and put all dogs or pawls in.
If replacing the hoist line wire rope on a crane, how do you determine the size or type of
wire rope to use?
Use Manufacturer’s operator’s manual or load chart
After the crane has been checked out and before crane lift operations begin the crew should:
Have a pre-lift meeting OSHA (g)(8)
According to ANSI B30.5 personnel platform lifts should not be made with wind in excess of:
15 mph ANSI 5-3.2.2(21)
When is it safe to work closer than the allowable distance from powerlines?
When utility company says lines are de-energized OSHA
During setup how do you determine machine clearances (counterweight, boom, outrigger)?
Measure for correct distances
When operating a crawler crane what is the most unstable allowable quadrant of operation?
When operating a truck crane what is the most unstable allowable quadrant of operation?
What is not a good location for crane setup?
1. Compacted fill
2. Hard fill
3. Above utilities
4. Concrete
Above utilities
When should a tagline be used?
When rotation of load would be dangerous ANSI 5-
When an operator arrives at the jobsite and the crane is already erected, how would the operator check the main and auxiliary hoist brakes?
Lift the load off the ground and apply the brake ANSI 5-
What is the difference between an Anti-two-block warning device and an Anti-two-block prevention system?
Warning device only warns, but prevention system will stop the operation
Who gives the operator hand signals?
The person assigned prior to the lift
Why use mats or cribbing?
To reduce ground pressure
Tipping capacities of crawler cranes are based on what percentage of tipping?
Should the load be applied when determining the proper boom angle?
Yes Charts
When should the operator use the run by the seat of the pants technique?
Load radius is the distance from the center of gravity of the suspended load to the:
Center of rotation IPT, Charts
What is the primary reason for using a boom extension?
Increase Height
What is the minimum design factor required for a right regular lay main, boom or auxiliary hoist rope?
When telescoping the boom section of an R/T, which section should be telescoped first?
All sections should be telescoped equally Charts
How does the operator determine if correct load chart is being used?
Matching Serial number
Net capacity is equal to:
Gross capacity minus capacity deductions
If the SWL of a cranes wire rope is 10,000 lbs using one part, what is the SWL when using 4 parts?
40,000 lbs.
When first arriving on the jobsite, the operator should first determine the condition of the:
Access Roads
How does the operator verify the LMIs boom length or load radius reading?
Actual Measurements
If the rated capacity of the crane is above the solid line or within the shaded areas or has an asterisk next to it, this means the capacity is based on:
Structural competence
All hazards and potential problems should be discovered during the:
Pre-lift site inspection
How many broken wires must be present in one strand of one lay for running wire rope to be removed from service?
In a range diagram, boom length and angle can be used to determine:
Load radius