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What is the instruction number for the Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual?
How many ink changes are permitted on a page of correspondence
Two legible ink changes
When writing to higher authority on a personal matter affecting the command, what type of paper and format do you use
Plain bond paper in standard letter format
Who should signature authority be delegate to
The lowest legal and practical level
What documents must the Commanding Officer sign?
1) Documents establishing Policy

2) Center on the command's mission or efficiency and are addressed to higer authority

3) Dealing with certain aspects of military justice, unless legal officer has approved otherwise

4)Are required by law or regulation (i.e. ship's deck log)
Give examples of delegation of signature authority
1) By direction
2) Acting -
3) Deputy
4) Deputy
If an official is not available to sign a document but it is final form, to avoid retyping the document what can be done?
The acting official may sign the document with the other official name on it and add teh word "for" before teh typed name of the regular signing official
When using a signature stamp what must be done to authenticate the stamp?
Pen your intitials next to each signature you stamp to authenticate the stamp.
Routine correspondence should be answered within how many days?
10 working days
If you are unable to answer correspondence in alloted time what should you do?
Send an interim reply with 5 workdays.
Congressional communication should be answered within how many days?
5 workdays, If you forsee not responding by then, send interim reply within 48 hours
What should your last paragraph be when responding to a Congressional request?
"If I may be of any further assistance, please let me know."
When is the only time you should use the SSN of a military member or civilian employee?
When the individual involved gives permission or the incoming communicatin has revealed the SSN already.
You should capitalize "Sailor:" and "Marine" when referringto members of the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps.

True or False
How should navy personnel name and rank be listed in correspondence?
1)Abbreviated rank or rate, and warfare designator for enlisted personnel, 2) first name, middle initial if any, and last name 3) Staff corps if any 4) branch of service, 5) SSN, only if essential for identification 6)designator for an officer


YN1(AW) Kitwanna G. Joseph, USNR, 428-59-2224
When should command letter head be used?
For official matters only.
When should you use bond paper with watermark?
For correspondence to be signed by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense; the Secretary, Under Secretar and Assistant Secretaries of the Navy; the Chief and Vice CNO; and the Commandant and Commandant of the Marine Corps
What is the diameter for letterhead stationery within the Department of the Navy/
1 inch in diameter seal of the Department of Defense

**other seals, emblems devices shall not be incorporate.**
Where should letterhead begin?
"DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY" should be centered on the fourth line from the top of the page. Center name,address information following that.
Where should enclosures be marked?
On the first page, but you may mark all pages in the lower right corner.
How should the word enclosure be typed?
Enclosure or Encl

plus the number in parentheses, i.e.
Encl (1) or Enclosure (1)
In Enclosure (1) has 3 pages and Enclosure (2) has 2 pages what will be the page number of Enclosure (2) second page?
number 2, because you only number the second page of enclosures and you number each set of enclosures independently.
If Enclosures are unable to be sent with a letter what should you do?
Send it separately and type "sep cover" after the enclosure's description

Encl: (1) SECNAVINST 5216.5D (sep cover)
If you must split a full name, where should you do so?
after teh first name when there is no initial, or after the initial
What are the margins for naval correspondence
1 inch all the way around

Page numbers centered 1/2 inch from the bottem of the page
What are the preferred fonts for naval correspondence?
10 to 12 pitch

Courier New, Times New Roman, or Univers
What color inck should be used to sign correspondence?
Black or Blue
How often should us make backup files of electronic records?
At least once a week
What is the purpose of the Privacy Act of 1974?
The purpose is to balance the Government's need to matain information about individuals with the rights of individuals to be protected against unwarranted invasion of their privacy stemming from federal agencies' collection maintenance, use and disclosure of personal information about them. Therefore limit access to personal data and other restricted documents
Are electronic records acceptable in court as evidence.
What should be typed in place of signature on electronic records?
What line should the Attention line be on when sending within DOD?
The attention line should be above the address on the second line
What are the authorized identification symbols?
2) Originators Code/Serial Number
3) Date
When should you number "via" addressee?
when you list two or more
How should you reference email in correspondence?
1) the SNDL short title, then
2) the word "E-mail, then
3) type of correspondence,
4) SSIC,
5) originators code or serial number as shown in the referenced material, and
6) date
How should you reference messages in correspondence?
1) title of originator as shown in from line of message

2) date time group with month and year
How should you reference telephone conversations in correspondence?
1) the word "PHONCON" or "Mtg"
2) activities SNDL short title, codes, individuals, and
3) date
How should you reference a Navy instruction in correspondence?
1) Short title of Instruction
2) SSIC with consecutive number if any and revsion letter
3) the subject if not clear from your letter
4) any specific chapters of a long instruction

ex: SECNAVINST 5216.5D, Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual, Chapter 2, Section B

or NAVSUPINST 7510.1
Enclosures should be listed as the order they appear in text. True or False
How many lines must a signature page of the correspondence have?
At least two
When using subparagraphs, you should NOT subdivide beyond what level until you have exhausted all reparagraphing alternatives?
Second Level
How should the name be typed in the signature block
ALL CAPs unless name includes prefix like McCoy
On what copy will the "Blind copy to:" block be typed
Internal copies, of file copy
What does the Dfafter's Indentification consist of?
1) Name of writer
2) writer's office code
3) writer's phone ext. or room #
4) Typist identification
5) Date of typing
6) word processing symbols if you wish
How do you identify second and later pages of correspondence?
Repeat the "Subj" line. Start typing at the left margin on the sixth line from teh top of the page. Continue with text.