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What is the interface between the user and the computer system?
I/O control
hat contains the program name or names and the job or task number under which the job (or system) is to be executed?
Run sheet
What are used to provide application programs with variable information?

Control Parameters

What is the most common type of user support that a technician will deal with?


Who are responsible for keeping the AIS facility’s assembly line running as smoothly and efficiently as possible?


Which type of processing includes ensuring that all inputs are received on time according to prearranged schedules?


Which type of processing includes ensuring output products are complete, accurate, and delivered to the user when promised?


Which personnel act as the liaison between the AIS facility and the user community?

Production control

Which personnel make production commitments for the AIS facility to meet user requirements?


Which personnel handle all incoming work for AIS services along with all types of input media from the user?

I/O Control

Which personnel review all completed output products from data entry and computer operations to determine their accuracy and completeness before releasing them to I/O control personnel for further processing and distribution?

Quality Control

Which personnel examine problems that occur during production to determine if errors were caused by hardware or system/applications software?

Technical Support

Which scheduling phase allows everyone to see where there may be an overloading or under loading of AIS resources?


How many moving parts does the scheduling process have?


Jobs may abort because of system or program processing errors. What is the key to determining what caused the problem?

Abort code

How many different topics can system downtime and non-availability be categorized under?


How often are inventories normally conducted?


What is a random-access memory (RAM) buffer that provides high- speed storage capabilities from main memory and makes this data available to the central processor with a private central processor/cache interface?

Cache memory

What amount of increase in processing speeds can be expected from cache memory for average program mixes?


What can occur when you delete a file, leaving, basically a hole in the information on the hard disk, or when you add information to an existing file when there is no contiguous space left next to the file?

File fragmentation

Which priority category for trouble reports means that you cannot work around the problem to continue operating?


Which priority category for trouble reports means that you can work around the problem, but a resolution is required immediately?


Which priority category for trouble reports means that the correction is needed, but you can work around the problem and live with it until it is fixed?


How many different categories do backup operations fall into?


Which type of saves need to be done before and after the implementation of a software upgrade and during monthly and yearly production runs?


hich disaster recovery item covers what is required to get the facility back online as soon as possible?

Contingency plan

What is the total of all Navy-operated communications installations and services?

Naval Communications Complex

What provides a unified governmental system that links together the communications facilities and components of the various Federal agencies?

National Communications System (NCS)

What combines many of the communication elements of the three military forces into a single communications system?

Defense Communications System (DCS)

What gives operational direction to the Defense Communications System (DCS)?

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

What has the mission of providing and maintaining reliable, secure, and rapid communications, based on war requirements, to meet the needs of the Naval operating forces?

Naval communications

What provides electrical and optical communications from the commander in chief and naval commanders down to all naval forces under its command?

Naval Telecommunications System (NTS)

Who is responsible for the operational direction and management control of the assigned elements of the Naval Telecommunications System (NTS)?

Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command (COMNA VCOMTELCOM)

What serves as the Department of the Navy (DON) manager of leased portions of Navy dedicated and common-user information transmission systems?

Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command (COMNA VCOMTELCOM)

How many NCTAMSs are there?


ow many Naval Communications Areas is the world divided into?


What is the focal point for fleet communications support?

Fleet Telecommunications Operations Center (FTOC)

What is a communications station with the primary responsibility for communications in a large specific area?

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NAVCOMTELSTA

What is a small telecommunications facility that is assigned a limited, or specialized, mission and has a limited number of personnel and facilities?

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Detachment (NA VCOMTELDET)

What provide AIS services in areas where no NARDACs are located?

Naval Data Automation Facilities (NAVDAFs)

What are responsible for the cryptologic and related functions of the Navy?

Naval Security Group Departments (NAVSECGRUDEPTs)

What provides auxiliary communications to military, civil, and/or disaster officials during periods of emergency?

Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)

Which type of communications are routed up and down the chain of command?


Which type of communications are routed to other divisions and departments?


Who is responsible for the communications of the command?

Commanding Officer (CO)

Who is responsible for the organization, supervision, and coordination of the command’s exterior communications?

Communications Officer (COMM officer)

Who is in charge of the communications center?

Radio Officer

Who is responsible to the Communications Officer for ensuring compliance with existing communications directives and monitoring the performance of on-watch personnel and spaces?

Communications Watch Officer (CWO)

Which publication should be consulted for a detailed listing of CWO duties?


Who is responsible to the CWO for establishing and maintaining required circuits, and initiating action to restore or bypass failed equipment?

Tech control supervisor