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what type of brakes are on the A/S32A-31A?
wet disc type.
what type of engine is on the A/S32A-31A?
cylinder, 2-stroke cycle, diesel design.
what is the fuel capacity of the A/S32A-31A?
85 gallons.
how much does the counterweight weight on the A/S32A-31A?
2300 lbs.
what type of hydraulic pump is used with the braking system on the A/S32A-31A?
Axial type.
what is the precharge of the accumulator on the A/S32A-31A?
1000-1100 psi.
what is the normal pressure range of the accumulator on the A/S32A-31A?
1500-1875 psi.
what is the maximum pressure the axial pump can provide due to a relief valve?
2300 psi.
what is the maximum pressure of nitrogen in the accumulater?
1875 psi.
When the hydraulic pressure
drops to __ psi, it is sensed by the accumulator
charging valve which signals the pump to recharge
the accumulator.
1500 psi.
the axial piston pump is designed to operate
at __ gpm at __ rpm and is capable of __ psi.
5.9 gpm, 1800 rpm, 4500 psi.
at what psi is the hydraulic pump set?
2100 psi.
what components of the hydraulic pump match flow
and pressure to the load demand?
The load sensing controls. (flow compensator and pressure
what component limits demand placed on
the hydraulic pump when recharging the accumulator
is required?
accumulator charging valve.
what component does the accumulator charging valve work in conjunction with?
flow control compensator valve within the
When pressure to the brakes reaches __ to
__ psi, the brake light switch (S10) closes and
illuminates the brake lights.
40-110 psi.
what component allows depressurizing the hydraulic system for
maintenance, service, and checking the accumulator
manual discharge
brake pressure warning light switch (S12) closes at
__ psi and illuminates the BRAKE PRESSURE
WARNING light on the control panel to alert the
operator of low brake pressure.
1350 psi.
how much fuel pressure is required to close the contacts of K2 (fuel pressure relay)?
6 psi.
indicates torque converter temperature above __,
engine temperature above __, or engine oil
pressure below __.
300 degrees, 215 degrees, 6 psi.