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compounding must be done in
what kind of hood....
what kind of room....
what kind of pressure....
a class 5 laminar air flow hood
within an ISO class 7 clean room
with positive air pressure

or a class 5 clean room with other crap
what kind of scale is a class a balance
its a torsion type balance
most used
glass mortars are best for...
liquids/chemicals that are oily
fda approved drugs must have these 4 things...
1) an NDA
2) produced under good manu. practices GMP
3) have an NDC
4) set expiration date
water for injections must be
sterile or bacteriostatic
what should be used for weighing ointments
glassine weighing paper
what is the process of reducing the particle size
describe an emulsion
are immiscible - do not form a suspension
what is an emulsifyer
agent added to stabilize the emulsion
examples of lipohillic emulsifisers
arlacel and Span
example of hydrophilic emulsifiers
Myrji and Tween
an emulsifier used commonly as a laxative
define hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB)
determines how much surfactant needed to form mixture
scale is 0-20
hgh HLB =

low HLB=
high = more water soluable

low= more oil soluable
what has most water content of the following: paste, oint, cream, lotion
lotions have most
creams are how much oil, how much water
50% water, 50% oil
what form has a occlusive benefit, define occlusive benefit

they trap in moisture- preferred for cracked feet
what is the largest size of a cap?
largest is 000

smallest is 5
what is a common excipient or binder that causes issues with pt's
lactose....for lactose intolerant patients