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Plastic, Premolded forms adhered to natural nails to add length or support nail enhancement products are:
nail tips
Nail tips break easily without the reinforcement called an:
A rough surface tool used to shape, smooth, and remove the surface shine on a nail is an:
abrasive board
The term used to describe the thickness of nail adhesives is:
Nail tips should never cover more than:
one-third of the natural nail plate
The shallow depression area of a nail is the:
When placing nail tips on the natural nail plate, the technique used is:
stop, rock, and hold
When blending a nail tip at the contact area, the fine-grit buff block should be held:
flat across the surface of the nail plate
The action used with a wooden pusher to remove softened nail tips is:
slide of with pusher
Nail enhancements used nail-size pieces of cloth or paper bonded to the nail plate are:
nail wraps
The strongest material used as a nail wrap is:
A product applied to the surface of natural nails to remove moisture and improve adhesion is a:
nail dehydrator
When applying nail wraps, to prevent the transfer of oil and debris from the technician to the clinet, use:
flexible plastic sheets
Nail wraps should be rebalanced with resin and new fabric after:
4 weeks
A fabric piece cut to completely cover a crack or break in a nail wrap is a:
repair patch
A gel-like material that requires an activator to cure is:
no-light gel application
The improper use of activators can cause a heat spike to the client and:
nail bed damage
To avoid damaging nail wraps when removing existing polish, use
nonacetone remover
An implement similar to a nail clipper, designed especially for use on nail tips is a:
tip cutter
A product that accelerates the curing process of resins and adhesives is an"