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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Impressionist music?
Large-scale forms
Berg’s opera Wozzeck is considered to be a(n) _____ work.
Where did William Grant Still grow up?
Little Rock, Arkansas
What is a predominant rhythmic characteristic for Country Band March?
Constant syncopation
Which composer invented new instruments?
Harry Patch
In the 1970’s, Steve Reich spent a month playing with and listening to drummers in
In blue cathedral, Higdon incorporates ______, effectively evoking an Asian soundscape.
Chinese reflex balls
Byzantine and Greek scales and modes differ from Western scales and modes in that Byzantine and Greek scales and modes include:
Billie Holiday composed
Billie's Blues
In 1924, George Gershwin wrote Lady, Be Good with the help of:
Ira Gershwin
What is not part of the musical language of twentieth - century modernism?
small leaps in melody
John Corigliano was born in which state?
New York
What is the literary basis for West Side Story?
Romeo and Juliet
What is true about the musical characteristic of Revueltas' Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca?
The third movement is performed by a mariachi ensemble
Who was one of Arnold Schoenberg’s most important students?
Alban Berg
What are the musical characteristics of the Wozzeck’s final scene?
Opens with a symphonic interlude in D minor
In the 1920s, who wrote the first big hit?
George Gershwin
Where did Silvestre Revueltas study composition?
Mexico City
What form is John Cage’s “Sonata V” in?
What song is Bob Dylan well known for?
Mr. Tambourine Man
Where was John Adams educated?
Harvard University
The rhythm in the Act II, Scene 3 Chorus “At the Sight of This” from Doctor Atomic can best be described as
What was Billie Holiday's Nickname ?
Lady Day
Stravinsky is largely recognized for his revitalizing of which musical element ?
At age 17,Bernstein entered which college ?
What kind of work did Bela Bartok compose ?
All of the above
What characteristics did Gershwin incorporate into his own broadway/ Tin Pan Alley songs ?
Syncopation and harmonic variation
What are the features of the first verse of John Corigliano's prelude from Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven poems of Bob Dylan ?
All of the above
William Grant was an important voice for
The Harlem Renaissance
Charles Ives made a living as a(n)
Insurance Salesman
Claude Debussy was a(n)_____ impressionist Composer
What elements do Russian Folk tunes contain?
Extended repetitions, limited range, fragmentation
Bela Bartok was influenced by the ___ School?
The harmony of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint is
John Tavener was a ____ ?
English composer, prominent exponent of Spiritual minimalism
Which is not true about Jennifer Higdon?
She died on December 31st 2010
Which of these pieces was composed by Jennifer Higdon?
Blue Cathedral
Which one of these works by John Tavener was heard at Princess Diana’s funeral service?
Song for Athene
Bartok and fellow composer Zoltan Kodaly are known for?
Collecting the folk music of Hungary
The European stage genre from which American musical theater was developed was
Who was the composer for the piece Appalachain Spring?
Aaron Copland
What isn’t a characteristic of New Orleans Jazz?
Generally performed by a full orchestra
Which of the following musical styles did not evolve during Stravinsky’s career?
None of the above
Who wrote the best-known orchestral work Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun”?
Which of these is not a characteristic of Jazz?
In Schoeberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Pierrot is a(n) ___.
Troubled clown
Arnold Schoeberg, Alban Berg, Anton Weberg are known as the ___.
Second Viennese School
John Adam's Doctor Atomic focuses on the conscience of
The physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer
Ewe drummers in the region of Togo, Benin, and Ghana are noted for their performance method called
The man in Revueltas is honoring in Homenaje was a ___.
Spanish poet killed by the Facists
Which of the following artists is NOT associated with the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s
Alice Walker
Which of the following is not a work from american composer John Adams?