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Which of the following patients is NOT a candidate for air medical transport
Combative trauma patient
Which of the following best defines the term energy
The capacity to do work
As a bullet tumbles, its potential to inflict damage
Which of the following is the preferred fluid for resuscitation in hemorrhagic shock
fresh frozen plasma
Which of the following may result from an improperly applied turniquet
Permanent tissue damage distal to the the site, increased blood lose, nuerovascular damage at the site
you are dispatched to a structure fire at which there is a report of a burned person. Your patient is a 32 y/o male with blisters on his anterior chest and circumferencial superficial burns to both lower extremities. Using the rule of nines, What percentage of burns does this patient have
When assessing a long bone injury, you should assume you are dealing with a joint injury when the site of injury is within___ inches from the joint
Which of the following best describes consensual . reactivity of the pupils
It is a normal phenomenon, when a penlight is shone into one eye ,both pupils constrict
Which of the following groups is at high risk for spinal cord injuries
males 16-30
Which of the following has NOT been a factor in decreasing mortality due to thoracic trauma
Improved design in fire arms
Which of the following may impact the pattern of injury in abdominal trauma
full stomach, breathing , full bladder
Which of the following is true of the patient with suspected penetrating injury to or rupture of the diaphragm
Pneumothorax may occur even if the thoracic cage is intact
Which of the following is true of the epidemology of abdominal trauma
Morbidity and mortality due to blunt trauma is decreasing, but morbidity and mortality due to penetrating trauma is increasing
The largest reserve of blood of any body organ is contained in the
The suspicion of blunt abdominal trauma should be based primarily on
mechanism of injury
Your patient is a 38 y/o male who is pinned beneth the frame of a vehicle when it slipped off the makeshift jacks. The patient's brother feels he may have been trapped for up to 20 minutes. The rescue unit is preparing to use airbags to lift the vehicle off the patient. Which of the following medications could you consider giving this patient
Sodium bicarbonate
You are on the scene of a 13 y/o male whose playmate accidentally stabbed him in the chest with a pitchfork while playing in the barn. The patient has penetrating wounds at the 2nd,4th,and 7th intercostal spaces on the left side of the chest anteriorly. All the following injuries should be suspected and assessed for in this patient EXCEPT
Simple pneumothorax
Which of the following are the most commonly fractured ribs
The primary muscle of ventilation is the
Your patient is a 17 y/o female who fell from a horse. She is complaining of being unable to move. During your assessment, you have placed her arms at her sides, but her arms keep returning to a "stick-up" or "hold-up" position. Based on this, Which of the following is most likely
The patient has a spinal cord injury at t-1
Which of the following best describes a herniated intervertebral disk
The nucleus pulposa extrudes through a tear in the fibrous layer of the disk, applying pressure to the spinal cord
When assessing the patient with a potential spinal cord injury, which of the following findings would indicate diaphragmatic breathing
Exaggerated chest movement, limited abdominal movement
Which of the following statements about spinal immobilzation is ture
If the mechanism of injury warrants it, manual stabilization of the cervical spine should be employed. However, if your protocols allow selective spinal immobilization, you can release manual stabilization if the risk of spinal injury can be excluded
Which of the following features of the cranium exacerbates the severity of intracranial trauma
Its rigid and unyielding
Which of the following groups is NOT among those with the highest incidence of serious head trauma
middle-aged men
Your patient is a 45 y/o male with extensive blunt trauma to the face. He has decorticate posturing in responce to pain; weak; irregular respiratory effort atr 6 per minute; and a heart rate 50 with good radial pulse. The patient appears to have nasal and mandibular fractures, and an opa airway is insufficient to keep the tongue from the posterior pharynx. Which of the following has the MOST potential to negatively impact the patient.
Nasotracheal intubation
Which of the following skull fractures are most common
Which of the following best describes the percentage of mortality from penetrating trauma to the cranium
75 to 80
You are caring for a patient from an mvc who has closed-head trauma. He is combative and has pupillary dialation. En route, he experiences projectile vomiting. which of the folowing is this most indicative of
Tentorial herniation
For the patient with suspected traumatic brain injury, the ideal positioning of the patient for transport is
On a long backboard with the head of the backboard elevated at 30 degrees
A concussion is best described as which of the following types of brain injuries
Direct, diffuse
The shearing, stretching and tearing associated wiht rapid acceleration/decelerationforces acting on the brain result in which of the following types of brain injury
Direct, diffuse
Your patient is a 12 y/o male who was struck in the right temporal area of the head with a baseball, He had a brief loss of consciousness and is alert on your arrival. You note that he is becoming drowsy and has a strong radial pulse of 60, a bp of 140/70, and a respiratory rate of 12. which of the following best describes the patients condition
He is critical and he most likely has an epidural hematoma with rapidly increasing intracranial pressure
For the head injury patient without signs of herniation, adjust ventilation rates to maintain an end-tidal CO2 reading of between
35-40 mmHg
Which of the following medications may be indicated in the prehospital management of the patient with traumatic brain injury
Based on your knowledge of anatomy of the head, which of the following statements is true?
Epidural bleeding is more likely arterial than venous
Which of the following correctly describes the impact of motorcycle helmet use
Helmet usage results in more than 50 percent reduction in serious head injury
Your patient is is a 7 y/o male with a fracture of the proximal tibia. Which of the following is the most likely and serious complication of this injury
Disruption of bone growth from the epiphyseal plate
A sprain is an injury best defined as which of the following
Muscle fibers that are stretched and torn
Your pateint is a 27 y/o male ice skater whose left skate was plated when he was struck and knocked down by another skater. He is agitated and complaining of severe pain in his leg. Your examination reveals an open fracture 6 inche sproximal to the ankle joint. which of the following describes the most appopriate management of this patient
Focused exam, cover the open wound, splint form the foot to above the knee, begin transport, start i.v. and request orders for analgesia
Not considering other injuries, which of the following musculoskeletal findings warrants immediate transport of your patient.
unstable pelvis
Your patient is a 60 y/o female driver of a vehicle involved in a moderate-speed frontal collision. She was unrestrained, but airbags deployed. There is no damage to the windshield, but the bottom of the steering wheel is deformed. On your intial approach to the vehicle , an EMT is in the back sewat with manual cervicle spine stabilization. The patient is anxious and complaining of pain "in her legs". She appears pale, skin cool but dry, she has a thready radial pulse of 116, R=24, and clear,= bilat breath sounds. Her abdomin is soft / nontender and there is no pain or instiblity os assessment of the pelvis. which of the following is the best managment of this patient.
O2, c-collar, seated spinal immobilization, extarcate to long backboard, immbilize the lower extremities, transport, 2 large bore I.V. of LR, request analgesia
The pain associated with skeletal fratures is transmitted by the nerves in the
Joint inflammation caused by tick introduced infectious agent that often causes small red lesions, fever, fatigue and headache is called
Lyme disease
Which of the following is the highest priority when managing a patient with bilat closed femur fractures
Anticipating hypovolemic shock
The use of PASG is indicated in the treatment of which of the following musculoskeletal injuries
Pelvic fracture
Your patient is a football player who had his right foot planted and was tackled from the left rear, causing his body to rotate around the axis of his right lower extremity. This mechanism is most consistant wiht which of the following types of ractures
One of the earliest indications that compartment syndrome is developing in an injured extrmity is
tension in the limb
Which of the following best describes the percentage of musculoskeletal trauma in multisystems trauma patients
A dislocated knee is most likely to damage which of the following vscular structures
popiteal artery
Which of the following best describes the function of cancellous bone
Its dense, compact structure is well adapted to weight bearing
Which of the following body structures is the best electricity conductor
Which classification of burn is characterized maily by blisters
Partial thickness
A burn patient who has sighns and symptoms of inhalation injury with associated respiratory comprimise should be classified as
Which of the following may occur from watching arc welding without proper protection
Ultraviolet keratitis
The voltage of a bolt of lightning may be as much as ___ volts, and its temperature may reach ____ degrees fahrenheit
100,000 50,000