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What is club dance music?
electronic music usually played in nightclubs. Started in 1970s, played by DJs.
Key features of club dance music.
4/4 metre and steaady tempo. Use of electronic sounds and a strong beat emphasised by drums/ bass.
Which album does the song come from? When was it released?
Play, in 1999
Name another track on the album
Porcelain or South Side
Samples and melody?
Taken from 2 samples made in 1953 by a gospel choir. The first sample is a male sinjger, used in the verses. The second is sung by a female, used in the chorus. Looped to create melody - simple and repetitive.
Verse-chorus structure, samples looped to create verses and choruses. After second verse there is a breakdown (bar's silence)
Outline of structure?
Intro - A1
Verse - A2 A3 A4 A5
Chorus - Bx1 By1
Verse - A6 A7
Chorus - Bx2 By2 By3
Verse - A8
Built up as individual traks added, after breakdown it becomes thinner as piano and drums drop out. Contrast created by varying instrumentation, use of silence and sections with static chords in accom.
4/4 steady tempo. Drum loop made of breakbeat (bass drum beats 1 and 3 and accents on backbeats on 2 and 4 on snare drum)
Syncopation in piano, vocal and synthesised parts. Rhythms varied.
Synthesisers, sampler, drum machine and sequencer.
Panning, 'electronic ghostings', reverb and delay as well as EQ.
diatonic - made from 3 simple repeated chord progressions each last 8 bars.
1st sample Am Em G D
2nd sample C Am C Am
Verses in Dorian mode on A and choruses in C major.