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1. in classic body proportions, the ratio of head size to body is about:
a) 1 to 7
2. during a client consultation for hair enhancements, it is best if the client is in:
d) her street clothes
3. human hair wigs can be distinguished from synthetic hair wigs by a simple:
b) match test
4. the advantages of human hair wigs over synthetic wigs include:
d) great durability
5. synthetic wigs have many advantages over human hair wigs, such as:
b) pre-set cut, colour, and texture
6. the human hair that is considered top of the line for wigs is:
a) virgin European hair
7. an animal hair whose natural white colour lends itself to adding fantasy colours is:
d) yak hair
8. the 2nd most costly hair available for wigs is from:
a) India & Asia
9. Indian hair is naturally
c) wavy
10. cuticle-intact hair is more expensive because the hair is:
b) turned hair
11. cap wigs:
a) are usually hand-knotted
12. the hair addition that consist of rows of wefts sewn to elastic strips in a circular pattern is a:
c) capless wig
13. wigs that most closely resemble actual human hair growth are:
b) hand-tied
14. wigs that are a combination of synthetic hair and hand-tied human hair are:
a) semi-hand-tied wigs
15. the method of wig construction that is least expensive is the:
c) machine-made wig
16. 2 methods used to prepare the hair for putting on a wig are the hair wrap and:
b) pin curls
17. when shampooing a wig, you may use:
d) gentle shampoo
18. when you cut and style a wig, the wig should be placed on a block during:
b) haircutting
19. when styling a wig, the aim is to make it look:
c) realistic
20. if you are going to custom-colour a human hair wig, you should use hair that has been:
d) decolourized or bleached
21. if you use an oxidizing haircolour on hair that has been treated with metallic dye, the:
c) hair will swell and smoke
22. a human hair wig should not be permed if it has been:
a) treated with metallic dye
23. a hairpiece:
d) sits on top of the hair
24. a hair addition with an opening in the base through which the client's own hair is pulled to blend with the added hair is called:
a) integration hairpiece
25. hairpieces particularly suited for men with severe hair loss, but that are also worn by women, are:
c) toupees
26. hair extensions are attached to the:
a) base of the hair
27. in the track-and-sew method, hair extensions are attached to:
b) on-the-scalp braids
28. the method of attaching hair wefts or single strands with an adhesive or glue gun is called:
d) bonding
29. before you apply bonded extensions, always perform a:
a) patch test
30. extension hair is bonded to the client's own hair with material activated by special heating tool in the method called:
c) fusion