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A ____ is a plstic, pre molded form adhered to the natural nail to add length or support a nail enhancement product.
nail tip
The shallow depression area of a nail tip is the:
When applying nail tips to the natural nail plate, it is recommended that you use the ____ technique
stop,rock, and hold
When blending a nail tip at the contact area, the fine grit buff block should be held:
flat across the surface of the nail plate
The strongest material used as a nail wrap is:
The product that accelerates the curing process of resins and adhesives is called a wrap resin accelerator or:
A product applied to the surface of natural nails to remove moisture and improve adhesion is:
a nail dehydrator
A fabric piece cut to completely cover a crack or break in a nail wrap is a:
repair patch
To avoid damaging nail wraps when removing existing polish, use a(n)
non-acetone remover
An implement similar to a nail clipper, designed especially for use on nail tips, is a:
tip cutter
Fabric wraps are the most popular type of nail wrap because of their:
Gel adhesives are sometimes referred to as:
Which wraps are made from a very thing synthetic mesh with a loose weave?
fiberglass wraps
Which wraps are made from a very thin synthetic material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied?
silk wraps
Which wraps are simple to use, but lack the strength of fabric wraps?
paper wraps
Which type of wraps are made from a closely woven, heavy material?
linen wraps
TRUE/FALSE: Nail tip adhesives are commonly available in spray on forms.
A client with nail wraps should come back to the salon about ____ after the original application for the first maintenance service.
two weeks
The structural correction of the nail during a nail wrap maintenance service to ensure its strength, shape, and durability is known as an
To remove fabric wraps, you first soak them in acetone and then:
slide them off with a wooden pusher