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The flow of electricity along a conductor is called a(n):
electric current
Electric wire are usually covered with a rubber substance that is used as a(n):
A ______ is a device that changes direct current to alternating current.
The term _____ refers to a rapid and interrupted current that flows in one direction then in the opposite direction.
alternating current
The unit that measures the pressure or force that pushes the flow of electrons through a conductor is a(n):
Which unit measures the resistance of an electric current?
The device that prevents excessive current from passig through a circuit is called a(n):
A switch that automatically interrupts or shuts off an electric current at the first indication of an overload is a(n):
circuit breaker
The negative electrode of an electrotherapy device is called a(n):
A process that forces an alkaline product into the tissues from the negative toward the positive pole is called:
Grounding completes a(n) _______ and carries the current safely away.
electric circuit
All the electrical appliances you use should:
be UL certified
When using _____, the active electrode is the electrode used on the area to be treated.
galvanic current
Mirocurrent can be used to _____ and restore elasticity.
increase muscle tone
Only licensed professionals can use:
light therapy equipment
A wavelength is the distance between successive peaks of ______ waves.
Invisible light is the light at either end of the _____ that is invisible to the naked eye.
visible spectrum of light
UVC light is:
is blocked by the ozone layer
Catalysts are substances that speed up:
chemical reactions
All lasers work by a process known as selective:
Constant and direct current, having a positive and negative pole, that produces chemical changes when it passes through the tissues and fluids of the body is known as ____ current.
An extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body's natural electrical impulses is:
A medical device that uses multiple colors and wavelengths of focused light to treat such conditions as excessive hair and spider veins in a(n):
intense pulse light
The thermal or heat-producing current with a high rate of oscillation or vibration commonly used for scalp and facial treatments is called:
tesla high-frequency current
A device that works by releasing light onto the skin to stimulate specific responses at precise depths of the skin tissue is a(n):
light-emitting diode