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mineral oil
ensures anaerobic conditions, layered on the surface of a lysine decarboxylase
nitrates to nitrites
nitrates gain electrons and become nitrites when they gain the electrons
nitrate reduction test
add nitrate reagent A and B, if it turns red it's positive, if not keep testing by adding zinc (if red after zinc then negative), zinc shows that nitrates were never reduced and are still present
Simmon's Citrate
blue = positive
green = negative
negative = peach color
positive = hot pink
Voges Proskauer
tests for the production of acetoin
positive = red at top
negative = yellow at top
Methyl Red
detects acids as the final end product of glucose fermintation
negative = yellow
positive = red
black = reduction if sulfur
yellow butt = fermentation of glucose
yellow top = fermentation of lactose
red top = breakdown of peptone
cracks in agar or butt gas = fermentation
endospores are more resilient than the cell wall of what organisms?
gram negative