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Simple Stain or positive stain
Stains the bacteria, positively charged stain sticks to negative charged bacteria

ex. methylene blue, crystal violet, safranin
Negative stain
Stains the background, negative stain is repelled by bacteria but attracted to glass

ex. India ink
Differential stain
allows the discrimination of one cell from another based on differential staining properties
Gram stain
the technique that separates bacteria into two groups gram positive and gram negative
Gram negative
A category of bacterial cells that describes bacteria with an outer membrane, a cytoplasmic membrane, and a thin cell wall

color pink
Gram positive
A category of bacterial cells that describes bacteria with a thick cell wall and no outer membrane

Color purple
Acid-Fast stain
a solution containing carbol-fuchsin which, when bound to lipids in the envelopes of Mycobacterium species, cannot be removed with an acid wash.
The mycolic acid must be melted with heat
Red and green color
Capsule stain
capsule will be stained purple and will have halo around it, if they don't have a halo their not capsulated
Endospore stain
Used to stain endospores heat fixed is used to get malachite green to stick to endospores while safranin is used to stain vegetative cells
Glucose Salt Agar
If it grows its not fastidious if it doesn't grow it is
Trypticase Soy Agar
Tells you if its alive or not
If sample turns purple on E.M.B its a lactose fermenter, E.coli has green sheen on this one, and also if it grows its gram negative
percent transmittance is high turbidity and optical density are low and vice versa
Percent transmittance
amount of light passing through a substance
Optical density
sample/(dilutent+sample) = dilution
Hypotonic, Hypertonic, and Isotonic
salt concentration and where it moves