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superior first rib findings
rib neck caught superiorly on TP of T1, T1 sidebending further than ribs can follow
superior first rib treatment
Move rib ANTERIORLY and LATERALLY to dislodge it.
Sidebend cx spine towards lesion, get patient to push head in opp direction, whilst they contract push rib anteriorly and laterally.
anterior first rib findings
rib moves clockwise in relation to the vertebrae
anterior 1st rib treatment
sidebend cx spine towards lesion, get patient to push away. Whilst they are contracting you push rib posteriorly, contacting in the SUPRACLAVICULAR fossa
posterior first rib findings
rib moved anticlockwise in relation to vertebrae
posterior first rib treatment
same as anterior and superior, but move rib anteriorly and medially.
treatment of lower anterior rib
sidebend towards the lesion to loose pack. Get patient to apply force posteriorly with their fist anteriorly and you apply an anterior force from posterior
treatment of lower posterior rib
sidebend towards the lesion. Grab the patients hand on the side of the lesion in front of them and get them to push towards you whilst you apply the posterior-anterior force.