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List 2 reasons you would need to crush pills and how would you administer to the pt?
1. Children
2. Elderly.
Would put in apple sauce, pudding, ice cream
When crushing multiple pills for NG or G tube administration, what is the procedure?
crush individually
administer individually
Medication patch must always be above the nipple line, true or false?
List two things you must do when you apply any topical medication
1. Wash hands/wear gloves
2. clean off old medication
In what position would you place your pt when administering an enema or suppository?
Left side
How would you position the patient for ear drops?
sitting, tilt head toward unaffected side
List two other things to do when administering ear drops
1. Medication is room temp
1. Pull auricle BACK to straighten ear canal
When administering ear drops, would you di anything different if the pt is a child or infant?
Yes, pull auricle DOWN
What instructions fo you give when administering eye drops or ointment?
Look toward ceiling - remove any discharge - pull lower lid down. Administer into conjunctival sac.
When administering vaginal creams or suppositories, usually the pt can self-administer, True or False?
If unable to self-administer vaginal medication what position would you place the patient?
What instructions would you give before administering nasal spray?
Blow nose - head back - keep head back for 5 minutes
What position is best when administering nose drops?
sitting with head back
What instruction will you give before administering inhaler?
shake inhaler - breathe out -
with mouth open take slow breath at same time push canister top - hold breath for 10 sec. Exhale slowly with pursed lips. Wait 2 min for 2nd dose.
How can you test if an inhaler canister is full or empty?
Full will sink in bowl of water
Empty will float